Written by Mildred Ackerman Jent - 1968

This material was written solely by Mildred Ackerman Jent and is posted here with her permission.  Hopefully it will offer genealogical information as well as an enjoyable insight into the life and times of her  Goodrum ancestors, and possibly open a new door for further research and documentation.  I'm typing it exactly  as she wrote it.  If you see a question ?mark,  it's because words and/or letters were faded out and unreadable.  Please remember, I'm not the author but rather, I'm only the messenger of her work.  This work can not be reposted or reprinted without her consent.          
Mimi Alexander


Several years ago while visiting my OLIVER / HOLLAND cousins in Allen County, KY., I met someone who had distant connections to some of the surnames I was researching.  I met, Mildred Ackerman Jent.  She was an ex-school teacher in her late 70's and had actually taught some of my ancestors at those wonderful little old school houses in Allen County, KY.. 
Mildred had a deep interest in Genealogy as her own ancestral ties,  (like my own),  went back to those early beginnings of Allen County.  This lady was a walking encyclopedia with volumes to say and volumes of knowledge to share.  She had a wonderful creative style of writing, bringing the least little detail into focus, coloring it with words of beauty, expression,  love,  and joy.  She spoke and wrote with vivacious enthusiasm!
Mildred and I exchanged letters for awhile and one day I received a packet in the mail.  It was a packet from Mildred.  It was a packet of her wonderful  personal stories of the life and times of her GOODRUM ancestors. 
The GOODRUM line is not my direct or even my collateral line, yet her ancestors indeed connected to mine in other ways.  My only connection to the Goodrum line is in my friendship to the lady who wrote the story of her ancestors, known as, "THE GOODRUM PAPERS".  The author of these papers has graciously consented and given approval for me to share her research with so.....It's with great joy and pleasure I'm able to share these papers with you.  Beginning this Thursday,  August 15th, 2002, I shall print the first page and continue to do so each Tuesday and Thursday until the series is complete which should be the end of September. 
Mildred wrote from the heart, in a very personal style, yet filling in with her notes of personal research done over many years.  Please remember.....I am only the "messenger" of her research and have nothing to add.  This is not my work nor do I claim any part of it.  It belongs solely to,  Mildred Ackerman Jent.   I can not add or take away since I know nothing of the Goodrum line.   In conclusion of this, "Introduction",  I leave you with this statement from Mildred.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 "Because of my love for my sister, ZULA ACKERMAN GOODRUM,  and her late husband, ROY CLIFTON GOODRUM, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future posterity, I have spent many hours in tracing the ancestry of a wonderful family and their kin.  It is my desire that those who read this writing will take pride in that pioneer spirit and courage that prompted our ancestors to face the dangers and toils of those early days". 

Mildred Ackerman Jent

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