Allen Co, KY

Births 1899-1900
Transcribed from microfilm by Sharon Tabor 2003
The following information is for personal and private use only and cannot be used for profit or professional gain.

This is the majority of births listed for the time period 1899 through 1900 and copied from the original in 1930. Some entries are badly stained and illegible. As more information can be discerned from the film, it will be added to this listing. Handwriting was interpreted as best as possible. Where duplicate entries exist, I have listed those - leaving it to the researcher to determine which is most correct. If you have access to the "Allen County Ky Vital Statistics" by Rabold & Price (1972, out of print), or "Allen County, KY Vital Statistics Revisited" by Martha Jackson (1988), it might be worth comparing the information for differences in transcriptions. Unless otherwise noted, place of birth (POB) and residence is Allen Co KY
POB=Place of Birth ??=Illegible "--" =no information given *=not found in other publications
Name Date Sex PoB Father F.PoB Mother M.PoB Color Resides
Alexander, (blank)* 12/15/1899 f   J.F. Alexander* Allen Nannie C. Hill* Logan    
Anderson, A.M. 8/4/1900 m Petrolinna J.M. Anderson   ????, Hendrix     Petroleum
Arterburn, E.B. 3/--/1900 m   J. Arterburn   Joe Ann Wickert      
Austin, A 4/14/1900 m   J.J. Austin Tenn Mollie Moore      
Austin, P.E. ??/??/1900 f   ??? Austin   Ardony Cook      
Bandy, R.M. 3/2/1900 f Scottsville G.T. Bandy   Mariah Williams     Chapel Hill
Barton, D.P. ??/??/1900 m   J.M. Barton Tenn Pearl Dalton      
Beam, Charlie 1/18/1900 m   James Beam   Lenie Jones      
Biby, Tomie 8/--/1900 m   John Biby   Ten Gaines      
Blankenship, L.A 9/19/1900 m Wildwood PO Dick Blankenship   L??? Sparke     Welcome KY
Boucher, Vyron 1/2/1900 m Settle L.Boucher   Julia Berdett      
Boyd, R.W. 7/3/1900 f   W.H. Boyd   Harrett Carpenter      
Bradley, Blancy 12/--/1899 f   J.H. Bradley   E.E. Hargette      
Bradley, Henry ??/19/1900 m Amos Ky W.S. Bradley   Ella Ramsey     Amos Ky
Bradley, T.W. 11/4/1899 m   ?? Y. Bradley*   Joe Akerson      
Bridgman, C.T. 5/19/1900 m   T.P. Bridgman Tenn S.C. Hudson      
Burgess, Earl* 4/4/1900 m Chapel Hill W.H. Burgess*   T.J. Hinton*     Chapel Hill
Buster, M.L. 6/20/1900 m Gainsville D.S. Buster   Daisie Lynn     Gainsville
Calvert (blank)* 8/22/1900 f   ?? Calvert*   Mary Lewis*      
Calvert, G.W 5/9/1900 m   ? Calvert   M.C. Huntsman      
Calvert , Hallie R. 9/14/1900 f   J.W. Calvert   Marthia E. Mador      
Calvert , Mossie 6/--/1900 m Scottsville George Calvert   Vinnie Brown      
Calvert, Mylie M. 8/--/1900 f   W.T. Calvert   Manda J. Meader      
Carter, Angie 1/9/1900 f   Ed Carter Tenn Rebecca Miller      
Carter, C.E. ??/??/1900 f   H.L. Carter   N.E. Celsor      
Carter, L.A 7/??/1900 f   L.A. Carter   Lucy Turner*      
Carter, P.H.* 11/4/1899 m Godfrey J.W. Carter*   P.L. Phillips*      
Carver, Rime 8/21/1900 f   J.E. Carver   Annie Richey      
Cassady, Wilmer 7/25/1900 f Settle S.H. Cassidy   Sarah Conner     Settle
Cassidy, M.E. 12/9/1899 f   J.W. Cassidy Tenn Bettie Holman      
Clark, (blank) 1/29/1900 f   ?? Clark   L.B. Berry      
Clay (blank) 2/22/1900 m   R.B. Clay   Mary Jones      
Cline, Hobert 10/6/1900 m   J.H. Cline   H.V. Tiffany      
Cline, Revie R. 11/30/1900 f   A.M. Cline   M.C. Hooten      
Cook, Alva --/--/1900 f   J.R. Cook   M.D. Johnson      
Cook, H.L. 12/31/1899 f Godfrey J.H. Cook Ind F.E. Huner     Godfrey
Cook, May J. 4/14/1900 f   C.M. Cook*   Toy Sulavin      
Cook, Morris 3/--/1899 m   Fletcher Cook   Nadie Dismang      
Coots, Berdine 9/--/1900 f   F.A. Coots   M.C. Tracy      
Croferd, V.L. 11/??/1899 f   Jim Croferd*   Bettie Mcintire      
Crouder, Willia 5/--/1900 f Amos S.A. Crouder   A.M. Moore Tenn   Amos
Cushenbery, Harley 7/15/1900 m   J.W. Cushenberry   Etter Dalton      
Dalton, A.C.* 4/11/1900 m   Andy Dalton*   Mary Sullavan*      
Dalton, Ernest 3/6/1900 m   H.S. Dalton   C.J. Dearing Sumner Co Tenn    
Dismang , (blank) 7/--/1900 f   J.W. Dismang   Nannie Brown      
Dyson, P.W* 5/15/1900     J.C. Dyson   Bettie Mitchell      
Eaton, Roy ??/??/1900 m   W.J. Eaton   M.A. Acres      
Edmons , M.F.* ??/??/1900 m   H.R. Edmons* Barren Lucinda Hurt*   mul  
Everest, Cora* 3/--/1900 f   J. Evert*   Jane Brown*   black Amos
Farin, Etter* 4/??/1900 f   ?? Farrin*   Caroline Richard*   black  
Faulkner, W.O 10/--/1900 m   B.F. Faulkner   L.E. Shark      
Ford, B.R ??/??/1900 m   I.T. Ford   Lucy Lee      
Foster, Every M. ??/15/1900 f   G.M. Foster   Every Tiffany      
Franklin, (blank) ??/??/1900 m   Austin Franklin   Myrtie Stinson     Godfred
Franklin, Floid ??/??/1900 m   S.A. Franklin   Myrtir Ainson      
Freeman, Brice 1/13/1900 m   W.P. Freeman   Jessie Downing      
Freeman , L.H. 9/28/1899 m   ?? Freeman Tenn N.J. Carver (?) Tenn    
Gains, Ollie 4/20/1900 f Scottsville J.H. Gains   M.E. Meador     Scottsville
Genter, Anne* ??/??/1900 f   R.G. Genter*   C.E.Turner*      
Goodmon, Bishop 12/24/1899 m   F.M. Goodman Cum Mattie E. Baise      
Graves, Claude R 7/13/1900 m   W.C. Graves Warren Mary C. Thompson Tenn    
Graves, Ollie L 2/1/1900 f   Joe Graves   Allice Borders Tenn    
Gregory , (blank)* 7/11/1900 m   P.J. Gregory* Tenn F.G. Rippy* Tenn    
Gregory, (blank)* 9/--/1900 m   R.J. Gregory*   F.G. Rippy*      
Hagett, Darlin 3/19/1900 m   James Hagett   Amanda Chandler      
Haines, W.S. 6/12/1900 m Doddy KY T.W. Haines Tenn M.E. Belcher     Doddy Ky
Hargett, M.E 5/6/1900 f   G.F. Hargett   M.C. Hughes      
Harris, L.K. ??/??/1900 f Chapel Hill L.H. Harris NC E.L. Louis Tenn   Scottsville
Hickman, Else R. 1/2/1900 f   C.B. Hickman   Paula M. Alexander      
Hinton, Ada 6/17/1900 f Settle J.P. Hinton   Anna Tabor     Settle
Hinton, V. Srice* 4/14/1899 m   ?. G. Hinton   Birla Mayhew      
Hodges, Mary 11/28/1899 f   J.P. Hodges Tenn Laura F. Pruitt      
Hogue, E.P. 8/17/1900 m   J.L. Hogue   J.A. W?????      
Hogue, L.C. 5/20/1900 f Cedar Springs J.J. Hogue   Janevia Long     Cedar Springs
Hood, W.C.* 11/21/1899 m   P.C. Hood*   E.M. Taylor*      
Howell (blank) 8/4/1900 m   ?. J. Howell   N.E. (blank)      
Howell, ?? 4/4/1900 m   R.J. Howell   N.E. Howell Sumner Co Ten    
Howell, (blank) 7/--/1900 m   R.F. Howell   J.L. Meng      
Hudson, (blank) 7/--/1900 f   J.R., Hudson   Armanta Cole      
Hudson, Lotty ??/??/1899 f   J.P. Hudson   L.B. Bonner      
Huntsman, Bessie E. 10/6/1900 f   John L. Huntsman   Martha T. Hures Macon C. Tenn    
Huntsman, Dury E 7/16/1900 f   John T. Huntsman   Martha S. Huntsman      
Huntsman, R.C. 12/19/1899 f   Rufert Huntsman   Lena Meredith      
Isaac, G.M 1/17/1900 f Scottsville Joe Isaac NC Anie Roark Tenn   Scottsville
Jent, A.W. 3/??/1900 m   H.W. Jent   Nannie Cliburn Tenn    
Jent, J.K. 10/15/1899 f Godfrey H.W. Jent   S.H. Johnson     Godfrey
Jent, W.H. 12/--/1899 f Godfrey W.W. Jent Tenn S.H. Johnson     Godfrey
Johnson, Annie 5/--/1900 f Settle ?. Johnson   Betsie Roberts     Settle
Johnson, C.B 6/8/1900 f Settle ?. M. Johnson   C.E. Stovall     Settle
Johnson, Nelly 11/16/1900 f   M.M. Johnson   M.B. Myers      
Jones, (blank) 3/17/1900 m   F.H. Jones   Mary C. Graves      
Jones, H.F. ??/??/1900 m   Henry Jones   Mary Farley      
Jones, Lila G. 6/15/1900 f   J.N. Jones   D.R. Newman      
Jones, Lilie G. 6/15/1900 f   J.M. Jones   Dee B. Newman      
Keen, Asbery 4/7/1900 m   W.F. Keen   L.V. Keen      
Keen, Asbery 4/9/1900 m   W.T. Keen          
Kelsey, Nolan V 2/??/1900 m   E.L. Kelsey*   Eliza Stamps*      
Kline, Jack* 2/3/1900 m Scottsville Luck Cline*   Bee Harris*     Scottsville KY
Lamb, Caliny 2/2/1900 f   E.J. Lamb   Sarah L. Perry      
Lamb, Lenia L. ??/??/1900 f   G.H. Lamb   Jessie Lyles      
Lambert, H.R. 7/4/1900 m   H.H. Lambert   S.C. Taylor      
Lambert , Hery R 7/11/1900 m Allen Co H.H. Lambert Simpn Co S.C. Saylor Tenn    
Landers, Lillian* 12/31/1900 f Meador Wm. Landers*   Susan Whitney*   black Meador
Lewis, Gilbert 2/2/1900 m   J.W. Lewis   Readie Thomas      
Lewis, Maggie 11/2/1899 f   W.V. Lewis   Matild Phillips      
Lewis, Mariah 9/18/1899 f   H. Lewis   Mattie Henderson      
Lewis, Mattie F. 11/2/1899 f   W.V. Lewis   Matilda Phillips      
Lightfoot, Alta B. 6/??/1900 f   J.W. Lightfoot   America Pedigo      
Long, (blank) 7/31/1900 m   E.K. Long   Mary E. Brown      
Lovell, James L. 6/22/1900 m   F.L. Lovell   Zula Stephens      
Low, H .P.* ??/??/1900 m   J.H. Low*   Amanda Forshee*      
Lyles, Clara M 5/12/1900 f   W.W. Lyles   Lieu M. Douglas      
Lyles, Clem 8/--/1900 f   Charlie Lyles   Ann Fisher      
Lyles, E.* 7/21/1900 m   J.H. Lyles*   Lue Shockly*      
Lynn, Carl* 3/3/1900 m Settle C.L. Lynn*   Amand Stark*   mul Settle
Mann, Bessie 12/12/1899 f Amos Ky R.W. Mann   Dorie Tracy     Amos Ky
Martin, Beatrice 1/4/1900 f   J.W. Martin   Lizzie Duclid      
Mayes, Nettie 3/21/1900 f   Cally Mayes   Susie Witcher      
McClard , P.O. 9/10/1900 m Akersville Barney McClard   Alice Jent     Akersville
McElroy, Brice H. 4/21/1900 m   M.J. McElroy   Fanny L. Lamb Tenn    
Mcguffee, C.C 3/19/1900 m Macon Co, Tenn H.A. Mcguffee Butler Co KY T.J. Sulivan      
Mcguffee, Calvert Wm* 1/13/1900 m   W.T. Mcguffee*   J.M. Mcguffee*      
Mcguffee, Corbert W.* 1/??/1900 m   ?.L. Mcguffee* Montgomery Tenn J.M. Bond*      
Meader, Ander D 7/4/1900 m   J.S. Meador Montgomery Tenn Emmer Spears      
Meader, C.R ??/??/1900 f   J.H. Meader   Martina Temple      
Meador, Alice 2/28/1900 f   T.D. Meador   Sarah Smalling Tenn    
Meador, Anders D. 7/9/1900 m   J.S.Meaders   Emer Spears Sumner Co Ten    
Meador, Luethel 5/8/1900 f Tenn H.W Meador . Tenn M.E. Graves Tenn    
Meador, Luthel 5/8/1900 f   H.H. Meador Tenn M.C. Graves Tenn    
Meador, R.O. 12/21/1899 m Godfrey H.G. Meador   S.A. McClard Tenn    
Miller, Eiller 3/9/1900 f   W. Miller Tenn Carry Johnson      
Miller, S.C.* 3/??/1900 f   S.C. Miller*   Fannie Mitchell*     Amos
Mills, Secil ??/??/1900 m   J.O. Mills Indiana Sarah Hawkins Edmonson    
Mitchell, H.B 11/--/1899 f   Robert Mitchell   M.D. Hudson      
Mitchell, R.E. 3/23/1900 m   T.V. Mitchell   Vidella Kinslow      
Moore, Edker 12/13/1900 m   Carr Moore   Minnie Wilson      
Moore, Flora E. 3/25/1899 f   H.B. Moore   Volanta Skaggs      
Moore, Lasty 12/5/1900 f   N.F. Moore   Berton Goodrum      
Motley, Horton 8/26/1900 f   Thom Motley   Bertha Johnson      
Myers, R.A. 7/16/1900 f   A.M. Myers   A.H. Perdue      
Myers, R.A* 7/10/1900 f   M.M. Johnson*   M.B. Myers*      
Myres, Pearlie 5/7/1900 f   T.M. Myres   Mattie Cureton Tenn   Scottsville
Naipier, (blank) 4/??/1900 m   F.A. Napier   Nannie Simpson      
Napier, H.M 12/--/1900 m   H.C. Napier   S.E. Chandler      
Olive, C.J.* 6/1/1900 m   T.W. Oliver*   Minnie ?ooter*      
Oliver, Velda 1/3/1900 f   J.A. Oliver   W.A. Motley      
Oneal, (blank) ??/??/1900 f   M.A. Oneal   Johney Oneal Sumner Co Ten    
Oneal (blank) 8/4/1900 f   M.A. Oneal   Johnie (blank)      
Page, (blank) 9/9/1900 f   G.V. Page Logan Co Nannie Edings Logan Co   Allen Co
Page, (blank) 9/8/1900 f   G.N. Page Logan Co Nannie Eddinger Logan Co   Allen Co
Patten, (blank)* 8/5/1900 m   J.W. Patton*   Cora Dennis*      
Pearson, Paul C. 7/20/1900 m   J.M. Pearson   Alice A. Cook      
Pendergrass, T.E. 2/22/1900 f   Mat Pendergrass   J.B. Tracy      
Perdue (blank) 10/13/1899 f   S.R. Pardue   A.C. Pitchford     Scottsville
Perdue, G.M ??/15/1900 f   A.M. Perdue   Lillie Agee      
Pruitt, Lolire* 8/10/1900 f   W.V. Pruitt*   Alice H. Motley(?)*      
Pulliam, A.B 2/29/1900 f   E.P. Pulliam   Evie Marr      
Pulliam, G.B. 12/14/1899 f   R.F. Pulliam   Alice Claypool      
Pursley , R.D. 4/19/1900 m   H.L. Pursley   Minnie Brown      
Pyane, (blank) 12/5/1899 m Holland L.D. Pyane   M.F. Jent     Holland
Rather, V.R. 6/2/1900 f   J.W. Rather   Maggie Neal      
Reynolds, (blank) 9/??/1900     T.S. Reynolds   E.Z. Wilson* Tenn    
Richards, Herchel 12/25/1900 m Petrolinna A. Richards   ????? Hinton     Petrolium
Riggs, Hobert 2/8/1900 m Chapel Hill J.W. Riggs   Elizabeth Ives Ill   Chapel Hill
Robberts, R.T. 1/11/1900 f   V. Robberts   M.J. Spears      
Scott, Floid 6/2/1900 m   V.C. Scott Georgia Arminter Markham      
Shelton, (blank) 3/9/1900 f   M.J. Shelton Tenn M.E. Shelton Tenn    
Shelton, (blank) 5/7/1900 f   W.J. Shelton          
Sherry, Ethel 10/31/1900 f   J.N. Sherry   Sallie V. Purdue Logan    
Shields, Lizzie 4/20/1900 f   B.S. Shields   Emily Weaver      
Shockley, Ewing 4/--/1900 m   F.H. Shockley   M.B. Cook      
Shoers, Minnie C. 12/30/1899 f   W.T. Shores   Larra E. Dennis      
Shores, Roy R. 8/14/1900 m   A.J. Shores   Bobbie J. Lamb      
Shuffett, N.L. 4/15/1900 m Amos Ky R.B. Shuffett   M.J. Bishop     Amos
Smith, Fulton C. 2/??/1899 m   W.H. Smith   Zula Spencer Butler    
Smith, W.B 3/9/1900 f Chapel Hill R.R. Smith   Any Berry     Chapel Hill
Spencer, Bura* 8/19/1900 f   W.S. Spencer*   L. M ???lin*      
Spencer, M.L. 7/--/1900 m   J.W. Spencer   Rena Cushenbery      
Stamps, Janis 10/12/1899 f   C.J. Stamps   Ellen M. Morrison*      
Stark, Lewis 5/5/1900 m   B.W. Stark   Mary Stark      
Stinson, D.B ??/--/1900 f Amos John Stinson   E.M. Hand     Amos
Stinson, E.B. 9/20/1899 f Amos W.T. Stinson   Fannie Meader      
Stinson, Myrtie ??/??/1900 f   J.H. Stinson          
Stinson, Pertie ??/??/1900 f   J.H. Stinson          
Stone, L.M. 10/25/1899     W.S. Stone   Sallie Foster*      
Stovall, G.C. 4/6/1900 m       Dovie Stovall      
Taylor, H.C. 7/10/1900 m   Henry Taylor   C????ra Crowferd      
Taylor, Newton 5/21/1900 m   A.G. Taylor   Lou R . Douglas      
Thaxton, Era 12/9/1899 f Holland Paul Thaxton*   Eller Cline     Holland
Thoma, Jewel 7/12/1900 f   Briggs Thoma   Sallie Lewis*      
Thomas, B.L. 11/4/1899 m   ?? Thomas   E. S. Sledge*      
Thomas, Ernest 1/3/1900 m   L.N. Thomas   Lucy Eaton      
Tiffany, J.H.* 3/10/1900 f   W.B. Tiffany*   Eddie Hornbuckle* Sumner Co, Tenn    
Tinsley, (blank)* 5/23/1900 f   T.M. Tinsley*   C.A. York*      
Tow, John V. 1/5/1900 m   J.L. Tow   Joann Runnell      
Tracy, E.L. 9/--/1900 m   J.S. Tracy   N.S. Blankenship      
Vernon, A.D. 2/1/1900 f Scottsville N.W. Vernon   Luraney Buckhanon     Settle
Walke, Lee 4/18/1900 m   R.D. Walker   Nola Chopband Tenn    
Walker, Lee 4/18/1900 m   R.D. Walker   Nolio Copland Tenn    
Walker, Ora 9/19/1900 m Scottsville J.B. Walke   Ader Walker Tenn    
Wallace, Ora S. 7/24/1900 m   S.S. Wallace   Jorie Arman      
Wheat, (blank) 12/11/1900 m   A.J. Wheat   Emily F. Perry      
Wheat, (blank) ??/??/1900 m   T.J. Wheat Tenn Julia F. Gilliam      
White, Belva ??/??/1900 f   G.H. White   Susie Hughes      
White, F.J. 12/2/1899 f Godfrey W.G. White Ind Crit Stinson Tenn   Godfrey
Whitney, C. 8/25/1900 f   M. Whitney   M.E. Jewell      
Whitney, Pervis 12/15/1900 f   W. Mer. Whitney   A???? Johnson      
Whitney, Raymon 2/18/1900 m   ?? Whitney   A. Atwood      
Whitney, Wm. G. 10/22/1899 m   J.A. Whitney   M.B. Osburn      
Williams, J.H. 4/10/1900 m Chapel Hill Harry Williams   Alice Terrell     Chapel Hill
Williams, M.B.* 4/22/1900 f   Simon Williams*   Bell Carpenter*   black  
Willoughby, L.J 4/3/1900 f   L.L. Willoughby   Lulie C. Stotr      
Willoughby, Lillie E. 1/??/1899 f   H.A. Willoughby   Lillie A. Willoughby      
Willoughby, S.M. 12/7/1899 f   W. Willoughby   Lona Tabor      
Wilson, H.E. 10/20/1899 m   T.A. Wilson   Della Roberts      
Witcher, P.E. 4/--/1900 f   W. H. Witcher*   L.E . Lewis*      
Yoir, Aria 7/6/1900 f Settle S.P. Jour   Lun E. Oliver      
York, E.G. 6/9/1900 f   M.M. York   Ellin Goss      
Young, Henry 12/--/1899 m   D.L. Young* Tenn M B. Smith     Fountain Run
Young, Roscoe* 7/--/1900 m   J.H. Young* Tenn F. Belk* Tenn black