Allen County KY
DEED BOOK C 1820-1825

Transcribed and abstracted by Sharon Tabor 2004

The following deed abstracts are the second deed book located in the Allen County, KY, County Court Clerk's office in Scottsville, KY. They include Land Deeds, Deeds of Trust (Mortgage), Power of Attorney, Transfer of Slaves, distribution of property among heirs, etc. Every effort has been made to retain the integrity of the documents by retaining odd spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and wording, except in the Index. The Index was cross-referenced with the abstracted deeds and errors in the Index were corrected. These errors included deeds missing from the Index, deeds were the grantor and grantee were reversed in the Index, elimination of items in the Index that were not located in the deed book, etc. Information in ( ) are personal comments and are not included in the original document. Illegible writing is noted by ???

These abstracts are provided for your personal and private use and may not be used for profit or personal gain.

Pages 001-049 Pages 050-099 Pages 100-149 Pages 150-199
Pages 200-249 Pages 250-299 Pages 300-349 Pages 350-399
Pages 400-449 Pages 450-499 Pages 500-532 .Grantor

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