Record of Abstract of Wills


Warren County KY

These records are from Warren County during 1798-1814. Since Allen County wasn't formed
until 1815, many of these records may apply to early Allen County residents.

complied by Annie Walker Burns, 1936

Will Book A, 1798-1814

(page numbers are from the original will book)

ALEXANDER, Andrew. August court 1798. Inventory. To Charles Simmons Dr., Two weeks work at 3/per day 3L, 12 S.O.D. 64 days traveling in So. Carolina on his business at 3/ per day L12 S.O.D. 41 days going to and from Danville four times at 3/ 3L 3 S.O.D. 70 days for doing buinesss in this county at 3/ per day 10L 10 S.O.D. Charles Simmons. October 1, 1799. This account ordered to be recorded. October court 1799. Alexanders Administrator. pg 5

AYRES, David. November 29, 1810/May court 1811. Will. Wife: Molley. Four children, namely Zury(?) Ayers, John Ayers, Thomas Ayres, the fourth not born or named. Witnesses: John Willoughby, Isaac Satterfield, Thomas Stayton pg. 238

BARTEN, Robertson. May 16, 1813/October court 1813. Will. Wife: Elizabeth. Six sons: John, Berry, Waid, Obed, Leroy, Beatty. Five daughters: Executors: wife and son Berry. Witnesses: Benjamin Litchworth, Green Graham. pg 343

BEARD, Brazilla. List of sales. December court 1802. Settled with Mary Beard administrator, property made use of in support of family. pg 64

BLACKFORD, Reubin. Will. January 24, 1804/May court 1804. Wife: Elizabeth. Three daughters: Elizabeth, Ann, Easter. Son: Reubin. All my children. Executors: wife Elizabeth and Durham Turner. Witnesses: Durham Turner, Phebe Turner, Elizabeth Blackford. pg 83

BLASSINGAME, Thomas. December 4, 1804/March court 1805. Will. My wife: Her Children: Executors: Samuel Blackburn and my wife. Witnesses: Jepe? Spame?, Simon Williams, John Blassingame. pg 88.

BOWEN, Thomas. March court 1807. Inventory. Administrator: Mary Bowen. Appraisers: Henry Fox, Eze Smith, Jacob Smith. pg 116

BUNCH, Callaway. November 11, 1807/recorded January 4, 1808. Will. Wife: Nancy Bunch. Joseph Henderson son of my wife. All my children, that is my son William Bunch, my daughter Patsy Bunch, Simeon(?) Bunch, and Polly Bunch, as they arrive at lawful age. Executors: wife Nancy, brother George Bunch. Witnesses: David Hudspeth, William M. Williams, Karah Wilkerson. pg 91

CAMP, Josiah. January court 1814. Inventory ordered December 10, 1813. Appraiser: Daniel Walkins(?), Thomas Cox, Ephraim Bridges, William Shacelford, Thomas Bridges. pg 354.

CARVER, Henry. September court 1802. Inventory. Appraisors: William Hayes, John Kesler?. pg 54

CHAPMAN, Abner. November 7, 1812/December court 1812. Inventory. Appraisers: Jonathan Holliway, James Hays, Jacob Holliway. Administrators: Elizabeth Chapman and Thomas Chapman, Sr. pg 224.

CHAPLINE, William. May 30, 1811/February court 1812. Inventory. Appraisers: Alex Graham, Samuel Barclay, H. Crump. Administrators: John Hobson and Betsy Chapline. pg 287

CHASEN, Joseph. July court 1809. Inventory. Appraisers: Charles Mitchell, George Moore. Administrators: Joseph Rowland, Margaret Chasen. pg 173

CHASON, Joseph. Recorded April 22, 1808. Inventory. Appraisors: Jonathan Holcomb, Collins Lanier, Jesse Berryman. pg 129

COLE, Zachariah. May 15, 1813/October court 1813. Will. Wife: Mary. Four youngest sons: Abraham, Samson, Zachariah, George. The following have had their full parts that may stand for their parts of the estate: Mary, Abbenezer, Elizabeth Nealy, Hue Cole, Freelove Henderson, Joseph, Phebe Alexander, James. John has had some part. Executors: wife Mary and son Abraham. Witnesses: Richard Pope, William Thurman, Joseph Thurman. pg 341

COWLES, Edmund. August 10, 1813/February court 1814. Will. Son: John Cowles to be bound out as soon as suitable master can be procured of the sadlers or shoemakers calling until he is 21 years of age. Uncle Henry Cowles of Barren Co. guardian for my son. Witnesses: Vincen Cowles, James H. Cowles. pg 357

CUMPTON or COMPTON, Varnel. July court 1799. Inventory. May 6, 1799. Appraisors: James Campbell, John Bailey, Stephen Arnold. pg 2

CURD, William. Recorded July court 1800. Inventory. Jessamine Co. State of Kentucky. Appraisors: Abram. Fulkinson. Benjamin Bradshaw. Will Lewis. pg 13.

DIE, Benjamin. July 1, 1805/December court 1805. Will. Wife: Fanny. Executor: wife Fanny. Our children. Witnesses: John Melton, J.B. Edwards. pg 104

DOBSON, Elias. September court 1802. Inventory. Deceased. Administrators: Barthomolew Stoval, Sarah Dobson. pg 55-56

DOBSON, Elias. April court 1803. A memorandum of the articles of Elias Dobson's estate. Appraisors: Robert Stuart, Jacob Dry, Samuel Ritchey. pg 66-67.

DOYLE, Thomas. September 14, 1806/recorded October 2, 1809. Will. Wife: Mahulay. All her children to wit: Elizabeth John Honert?, Hanner, and Farmer?. Executor: Gregory Doyle. Witnesses: John Rountree, Peggy Smith, Polly Doyell, John Davis, Samuel Doyell. pg 152.

EUBANK, William. December 4, 1812/April court 1812. Will. Sons: John, William. Sons-in-law: Benjamin Rawlings, Nimrod Crain. Grand-daughter: Fanny Rawlings. Daughter: Elizabeth Crain. Executors: son John Eubank and friend Thomas Hays. Witnesses: John B. Hays, Philip Bush, Edward Harris. pg 336.

FICKLIN, Joseph. February 7. 1811/May court 1811. Will. Wife: Esther is frail and fast declining in life. My son Robert O. Ficklin shall take charge of her. Executors: son Robert O. Ficklin. Daughter Peggy, wife of Joseph Pulliam. Lawsuit pending in the state of VA for certain property. Witnesses: John Ray, Asa Piper, Henry Miller. pg 241

FICKLIN, Robert P. March 26, 1813/April court 1813. Will. Mother: Esther Ficklin. Nephew: Robert F. Pulliam. Wife: Katherine. Surviving heirs of Joseph Pulliam. To wife Katherine Ficklin a tract of land situated in Logan Co, on the Nashville road from Russellville a H(?) right, entered surveyed and patented in the name of Lawrence McCown(?). Sole executor: friend Walter Thomas. Witnesses: John Ray, Samuel Garrison. pg 334.

FINNEY, William, Sr. July 27, 1812/November court 1812. Will. Sons: Jonathan Finney, Morgan Finney. Daughter: Frances Mehony. Executor: Jonathan Finney. Witnesses: Samuel Smith, Thomas Oliver, Geroge Ritchis. pg 319

FOSTER, James. Inventory dated May 20, 1813, court order date February 1813. Appraisors: Joseph Thermon, Joseph Wilson, Peter Waggoner. pg 345.

FREY or KEY, Simon. December 11, 1800/June court 1801. Wife: Elizabeth. Son: Benet?. Daughter: Luccacy. Son: Obidiah.(mention is made "all my children"). Executors: wife Elizabeth and son Obidiah. Witnesses: John Ray, Benjamin Freeman. pg 30.

GILLESPIE, Daniel. November 30. 1801/December court 1801. Agreeable to the voucher brought forward we find William Jones and Elizabeth Jones his wife indebted to the estate of Daniel Gillespie 149" 2" 1. Given under our hands and seals this date and year above written. Samuel Goode, Thompson Briggs, George Moore. pg 34.

GOODMAN, Samuel. February court 1814. Inventory ordered July court 1813. Appraisers: Peter Jones, Enoch Floyd, James Young, pg 359.

GRAMMER, John Sr. March 17, 1808/May court 1810. Will. Wife: Elizabeth. Daughter: Salley. Other Children. Executors: sons John Jr. and Jacob. Witnesses: J.W. Covington, James Mitchell, George Cason. pg 176.

GREER, Isaah. February 16, 1812/July court 1812. Will. Wife: Mary. All my lawful children: Lary Greer, Levi Greer, Hannah Greer, Lony/Lovey Greer, Permely Greer, Seleny Greer. Executors: wife Mary Greer and Soloman Greer. Witnesses: Edward Chasteen, Thomas Crawford, David Owen. pg 306

HALE, Matthew. August 5, 1803/October court 1803. Inventory. Appraisors: Robert Herreld, George Frazer. pg 72

HAYES, Samuel. April court 1805. Will. Wife: Elizabeth Hayes. Executor: son James. Executrix: wife Elizabeth Hayes. Witnesses: William McFaden, Samuel Hayes, Reuben Fox. pg 75

HAYES, Samuel. December. A list of property and valuaton of the estate of Samuel Hayes. Signed: John Cole, Samuel Kirkham (?), Peter Protman (?). pg 78

HENDRICKS, James. May 29, 1812/August court 1812. Will. Wife: Mary. Unmarried children. Married children. Sons: James, Peter, Joseph. Executors: my friend John Hendricks and son William Hendricks. Witnesses: James Hendricks, Joseph Shutts, Joseph Roland. pg 307

HENDRICKS, John Sr. March 25, 1814/noncupative will recorded April court 1814. Wife: Fanny Hendricks. James Hendricks. John Hendricks. pg 364

HICKERSON, Thomas. November court 1812. Inventory. Wife: Mary. pg 311

HILL, Moses. November court 1809. Inventory. Appraisers: Joseph Duncan, Thomas Eubank, sworn before William Milton. pg 172

HODGE, William. November 1, 1811/January court 1812. Inventory. Alice Hodge widow. Appraisers: Samuel Garrison, Robert McReynolds, Denton S. Porter, Jeremiah Hinton. John Ray guardian for Sally and James Hodge. pg 269 & 275.

HOLSEY, Elijah. November court 1810. Inventory. pg 238

HOWARD, Charles. February court 1813. Inventory. Administrators: Henry Howard, John Howard. pg 332.

HUDSPETH, Joseph. March 5, 1809/April court 1809. Wil. Wife: Anna. Plantation whereon I now live opposite to Hezikiah Hollands--north to Williams line. Son: James. Daughter: Dolley Dunham (?). Son: Thomas. Lifting my bond which I give to Samuel Cotrell. Son: George. Son: Soloman. Executor: sons John and Thomas and brother George Hudspeth. Witnesses: James Harris, George Harris, Aron Williams, John Whitistt. pg 163

JENNY (?), Abel. July court 1808. Inventory. Appraisors: Robert M. Reynolds, Mark Garrison, William Hodge. pg 136.

JOHNSON, John. November court 1807. Inventory. Appraisers: Wm. Thomas, Robert Lee, Mark Reeves. Administrators: Peggy Johnson, John Johnson. pg 118

KERBY, David. April 6, 1811/ July court 1811. Will. Wife: Elizabeth Kirby. All my children viz: Jesse Kerby, Leonard T. Kerby, Soloman Kerby, Agness Tully, Sallie Scroggans, Deporah (?) Pace, and Elizabeth Piles(?). Children to choose one among them to act as executor. Witnesses: Jno. Loving, John Hightower, Jacob Skiles. Jesse and (?) Kerby chosen by children to act as executors. The following signed agreement: Leonard T. Kerby, Asa Kerby, Samuel Kerby, Solomon Kerby, James and Agnes Tully (or Teerly), Humphrey and Sally Scroggins, John and Deporah Pace, William and Elizabeth Piles. pg 236

KING, Robert. Recorded January court 1801. Inventory. Appraisors: George Moore, Thomas Chapman, Thompson Briggs. pg 28.

LANDERS, Henry. June court 1801. Inventory. Appraisors. Levi Compton, John Claypool, John Baleys. pg 34

LIGHTFOOT, Cleybourn. December 3, 1810/January court 1811. Sale. Administrator: John Doyle. pg 216

LLOYD, Charles. January 31, 1811/November court 1811. Will. Wife: Catherine. Bodily heirs: John Lloyd, Elizabeth Lloyd, Catherine Lloyd, Polly Lloyd. Executors: John Hendricks with my wife. Witnesses: James Hendricks, John Davenport, Catherine Ke?. pg 318.

LONG, Mary. October court 1809. Inventory. Appraisers: Joseph Ficklin, Samuel Barclay, Willis Mitchell, Sr. Administrator: William Mothershead. pg 171

LOWERY, Wyatt. April court 1814. Will. Brother: Stephen Lowery executor and sole beneficiary. Witnesses: Benjamin Terle(?), Byrd D. Hendrick, Thomas Smith, John Smith. pg 364.

LOWRY, James. This vendue of the estate of James Lowry deceased was exhibited into court and ordered recorded. pg 19

LOWRY, James. January court 1800. Inventory. Appraisors: George Higgison, Thomas Fletcher, Thomas Ford, Samuel Cox. The estate of James Lowry deceased to Jane Lowry, dr (Daughter?). To keeping and providing for four of the deceased youngest children (one a sucking infant) from the 6th of September 1800 at five pounds each per year equal to 98". Recorded January court 1802. pg 37.

The estate of James Lowry deceased to Joseph Snodgrass administrator of said estate paid to the clerk of Warren 180L. Do. to Henry G? for crying of sale. 500L. Paid on execution of the Commonwealth vs the James Lowry 7830. On execution?. Stuart as ditto 1200. To my trouble and expense in administering the said estate 10" 0" 0. Paid Phelps for coffins. 100000+300= 3600. Joseph Snodgrass Admor. January 9, 1802. Recorded January court 1802. pg 39.

LOYD, Sol or Tol. Inventory. Recorded December court 1801. pg 24

LUALLEN, William. August 29, 1811/probated. Wife: Miriam Luallen. My children. Wife sole executor. Witnesses: Isaiah Lewis(?), William Melton. pg 297.

LUCAS, Nathaniel. May 4, 1807/September court 1807. Land of Samuel B. Cooker adjoins the land whereon I now live. Land purchased from Charles Mitchell. Mentions the discretion of Henry Fox, Tarlton Drake and John Dixon, Sr. Wife: Sarah Lucas. Sons: John, Charles,Robert Wilkins. Mentions the land I possess in Montgomery Co. state of VA and known by the name of the Bower Plantation. All my children to wit: Charles Lucas, Robert W. Lucas, John Lucas, Nancy Lucas, Elizabeth Lucas, Tabitha Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Rebecca Lucas. Executors: my beloved friend Henry Fox, and Tarlton Drake, and my son Robert W. Lucas. Witnesses: I. Dixon, Joseph Carter, Halensly? Dixon. pg 98

LYLES, Manaseth(?). May court 1810. Inventory. Appraisers: Thomas Blackwell, John Gibson, Peter Waggoner. pg 210.

MADISON, Rowland. October 19, 1802/October court 1802. Whereas the county court of Warren directed the sheriff to take the estate of Rowland Madison deceased into his possession I do hereby certify that there is no property belonging to the said estate within my knowledge. Given under my hand this 19th day of Oct. 1802. Vincent Anderson, Sheriff. pg 59.

MAGNIS, Pettygreen. May 8, 1800/July court 1800. Loving wife Mary Magnis. Executors: George Magnis and Joseph Magnis. Teste, Wm. Black, John Black pg 16

MANNEN, William. September 4, 1811/January court 1812. Will. Three sons: Hardy, Roy, Stephen. Two daughters: Charlotte Mannen and Milly Mannen. Wife. Witnesses: Elias McFadin, William Hays, Shaderick Hays. pg 263

MARSHALL, John. Inventory January 2, 1811/April court 1811. Appraisers: Burwell Jackson, Samuel McGowen, George Frazure. pg 166

MAURY, John. October 30, 1804/December court 1804. Inventory. Appraisors: Thomas Ford, George Higginson, Thomas Hews? pg 83

McCALLEY, Daniel. February 8, 1806/March court 1806. Will. Son: James McCalley sole heir. Witnesses: Samuel Stewart, Samuel Doyle, Nimrod Bartlet. Executors: Gregbby Doyel, Jacob Rees. pg 106

McCURREY, John. September court 1808. Sons: Samuel, William. To Elizabeth Campbell. To John McCurrey, Sarah McCurrey and Mary McCurrey. Executors: John Rountree, Edward McCurrey. Witnesses: Margaret Webb, John Webb, Rebecca Simmons. pg 149

McFADIN, Jonathan. August 27, 1808/September court 1808. Inventory. Appraisers: Isaac O. Lewis, Aron Lewis, Robert Bryan. pg 157.

McGINNESS, Thomas. June court 1805. Logan Circuit Court. Appraisment of goods and chattels shown to us by John Curd as the property of Thomas L. McGinness, deceased, and having been first sworn. Signed Amos Edwards. pg 77

MILLER, George (planter). March 17, 1812/May court 1812. Will. Wife: Mary. Daughters: Susannah Miller and Ana Miller Executors: Micah Williams and Berryman Roe. Witnesses: William Melton, Matthew Boren, Francis Boren. pg 301

MILLER, Isaac. November 16, 1809/January court 1810. Will. Wife: Margaret. Nephew: Isac Hammette. Executors: trusty friends Benjamin Cullin and Nathaniel Hammet. Teste: Josiah Wright, William Stephens Jr., George Davison. pg 159

MILLER, Peggy. Formerly Peggy Chasen. July 15, 1809. Appraisment of dower. Appraisers: John Hudson, John Aden?, Jonathan Holcomb, sworn before William Melton. pg 173

MOBERLY, Charles. April court 1812. Inventory. Appraisers: David Skaggs/Briggs, William Hill, Nathaniel Enving(Ewing?). Administrator: Elijah Hammet. pg 298.

MOORE, Robert. February 28, 1808/May court 1810. Will. Wife: Mary. To son Levi Moore 300 acres of land entered in the name of John Douglass, together with as much of Daniel Douglasses entry of 200 acres number 398 and Nathaniel Douglass of 177 acres. Not to cross William Morr's spring branch. Mentions four sons and three son-in-laws to wit: William Morre, Nathan Moore, Warren Moore, Levi Moore, Frederick Fort, William Shackleford, James H. Cole. To son-in-law William Shackleford 200 acres of land in Barren Co. entered in the name of Gabriel Cox and serveyed in my own name. Mentions money due from Chesley Glover and Thomas Mosesley. Executors: son Nathan Moore, William Shackelford, and James H. Cole. Witnesses: James Renfro, Joshua Boerton, Wm. Collins. pg 199.

MORRIS, Valentine, of Logan Co, state of KY. September 1, 1807/ July court 1808. Will. Wife: Ruth. Sons: Elijah, Edmund, mentions an obligation on John and Adam Smith, Sr. Two sons now living with me: Moses and Jacob. My helpless children until my youngest son Jacob comes to proper age. My children: Jensy, Any and Jacob. Witnesses: Charles Eads, Samuel G. White. pg 133.

MORRISON, John. April court 1814. Inventory ordered March 7, 1814. Appraisers: Daniel Connell, John Bennett, Larkin Venable, John Wilson. pg 362

MOTLEY, John. June 13, 1811/December court 1811. Will. Wife: Elizaabeth. Sons: Matthew, Henry, James, Edwin. Daughters: Sally Smith, Caty Johnson, Polly Johnson, Penny Lynn, Nancy Weatherspoon. Executors: my sons Matthew and Henry. Witnesses: John Ray, John Landis, Soloman Williby. pg 260.

NESTLER, Joseph. January 5, 1810/February court 1810. Will. Wife: Jenny. Son: Samuel N. Nestler. Executrix: wife Jenny. Witnesses: Henry Cowles, Hugh Brown, Elizabeth Cowles. pg 158

PERRY, Thomas. July court 1812. Inventory on December 10, 1811. Appraisors: Tarlton Drake, Abraham Robert, William Gossim(?), Jacob Smith. Administrator: Thomas Middleton. pg 303

PHILLIPS, Martha. February court 1812. Inventory. Appraisers: Joseph Gray, William Hays, John Barnett. pg 294.

RAWLINS, Charles. May term 1800. Inventory. Appraisors: Thomas Crawford, Will Gardner, John Gage. July court 1800. The name of Anastasha or Arrastach Rawlins, or her mark was signed to the sale list. pg 11

REATHERFORD, John. November 17, 1809 court. Inventory. Fleeman (?) Shard (?) Admininstrator. Appraisors: Isaac Hampton, A?uetta Green, George Right. pg 232

REID, James. December 7, 1809/April court 1811. Will. Wife: Anney. From sale of land in Green Co, KY. Sons: Alexander, Samuel, David, George. Daughters: Jane Shannon, Mary Shannon, Betsy Reed, Malinda or Mildred Reid, Ann Dewitt. Grandson: Jonathan Reid, son of my son James deceased. Executors: sons David, Samuel and George Reid. Witness: Reuben R. Ballard, Asa Covington, William Ballard. pg 233

ROBERTSON, John. September court 1808. Inventory. pg 154.

ROBINSON, Jeremiah. September 13, 1810/October court 1811. Will. Wife: Isbell. Executors: wife Isbella and son Alexander. Jeremiah, my son John's heirs. Daughters: Elizabeth, Rebecca. Son-in-law: Joshua Pruiett, Samuel Scot(?). Witnesses: Hugh Shannon, Elijah Simpson, William Marrs, John Shannon. pg 249.

ROSS, William. November 4, 1806/March court 1807. Property sold at the house of James O'Neil. pg 191

ROWLAND, Daniel. December court 1805. Inventory. Appraisers: Jonathan haleom, James Bell, John Sloss. pg 97

SHIPMAN, Daniel. March court 1799. Inventory. Appraisers: Alexander Davidson, Daniel Gage, Robert Wallace. pg 3

SIMMONS, Hannah. February court 1814. Inventory ordered December court 1813. Appraisers: Samuel Watt, John Connely, Thomas Earnest. pg 358

SMITH, George. March 10, 1811. Will. Wife: Elizabeth. Eleven children to wit: Peggy Roughen, Elizabeth Nevaden(?), Mary Moore, Caty Long, George Smith, Henry Smith, John Smith, Cristena Pape, Creale (?) (?), Clary Walker and Barbary Haunsaker(?). Executors: son Henry Smith and Joseph Anthony. Witnesses: Howel Smith, James Mahan, Henry Denreberry. pg 239

SMITH, Jacob. January court 1810. Inventory. Appraisers: Simon M. Hubbard, Charles Mitchell, Benjamin Van Landingham, Isaac O. Lewis. pg 203.

SNOWDEN, Jacob. November court 1812. Inventory dated October 13, 1812. Appraisers: Isaac Goodnight, Smauel Great House, William Jolley. pg 314.

STICE, Charles. February 26, 1801/December court 1801. Son Philip Stice (mention is made "each child" but only Phillip named). Administrators wife Caty and Moses Elmore. Teste: William Phelps, Phillip Jones, William Forkner. pg. 17

STICE, Charles.October 1, 1802/October court 1802. Appraisors Howell Dawdy?, Wm. Phelps, James Jones. pg 56-59

STROTHER, Robert. October court 1804. Inventory dated Sepember 21, 1804. Signed: Young Ewing, Joshua Caits, B. Pannill(?). pg 73

STAMP or STUMP, Frederick. January court 1801. Inventory. Appraisors: Bevel or Berd Jackson, John Jackson, George Frazer. pg 36

STEWART, William. November court 1805. Inventory. Appraisers: Benjamin Pulliam, Samuel Kirkman, John McIntosh. pg 93-96

STEWART, William. May court 1811. Inventory and sale. Widow, each child. Appraisers, Charles Mithcell, Alex Graham. pg 245.

STOVAL, Bartholomew. March 21, 1807/April court 1807. Will. Wife: Susanna. Sons: George, Jesse, Thomas. Son-in-law Thomas Oliver, William Oliver. Son Drury. Item I give unto Thomas Dobson, John Dobson, James Dobson, Betsy Dobson, Sucky Dobson and Sally Dobson heirs of Elisa Dobson deceased one lot of land containing three acres by the same lines and courses more or less adjoining the lines of William Oliver, John Divine and John Fishback. Son-in-law Daniel Munro. Daughters: Nancy Stoval, Edy Stoval. Grandson: Bartholomew Stoval. Worthy friend John Ray sole executor. Witnesses: William Meinro, Wm. Gibson, John Gibson. pg 108

STROTHER, Benjamin. July court 1808. Account of Benjamin Strother to James Matthew as guardian. pg 141

STROTHER, Robert. October 14, 1800/March court 1801. Sons: John Dabney Strother, Benjamin. Daughters: Nelly, Elizabeth, Nancy. Son: Thornton. Wife: and for carrying on against John Beech of Jefferson Co. of this state there shall out of my estate be put in their hands what will defray all necessary expenses. Witnesses: T? Walker, John Dabney Strother, Nelly Strother. N.B. The same to be executors by Samuel Strother and Annistead? Hubbard. pg 21

STROTHER, Robert. Warren Co. June court 1805. Valued a negro boy said to have belonged to the estate of Robert Strother deceased. Dated April 24, 1805. Signed: Joseph Bain, Alexander ?, Thomas Langley.

Barren Co. June court 1805. Towit: Appraisment of estate Robert Strothter deceased. Negro: Feathers. Signed Haden Trigg, Nicholas Gassaway, Samuel Gassaway. pg 80-83

STROTHER, Robert. December court 1807. Inventory and appraisment of the estate of Robert Strother was returned, examined and ordered recorded. In allotment to widow and distribution of this estate appears: Inventory 1st from Christian (Co.) Sept 21 1804, amounting to $2088.84. Ditto from Nelson (Co) April 24, 1805 $300. Ditto from Barren (Co) April 29, 1805. $252.50. Ditto from Christian (Co) October 16, 1805 30L. pg 119-121

STUART, Benjamin .Recorded January court. 1801. Inventory. pg 26.

STUART, Charles. Will. Dated August 7, 1799. Probated December court 1799. Executors: Burwell Jackson, ? Herrel. Loving wife Elenor Stuart. Oldest son Stephenson. My three children. Witnesses: Isaac Morris, David A. Stuart, Patsy ? Pa? pg 7

STUART, James. August 24, 1810/May court 1812. Will. Wife: Mary. To son Alexander the Baily tract of land on Big Barren River of 50 acres and the 150 acre tract of military land whereon I now live, patented in the name of William Cockrill (?)...also 50 acres of patent on other side of Big Barren River in the name of John Curd. Son: James. Daughters: nancy and Polly Stuart. To son James all the tract of land lying on the waters of R(?) which is the state of Kentucky Patent to W.C. and McR(?). To son Charles the tract of land in Warren County Kentucky Patent in the names of James Stuart. Executors: son James and son-in-law Simon M. Hubbard. Witnesses: Leander Sharp, Adolphus F. Hubbard. pg 301

STUMP or STAMP, Frederick. October court 1799. Inventory. Mary Stump/Stamp administrator. Mathew Key Kendall, George Frazer, John Cox appraisors. pg 39, 40, 50.

TAYLOR, William. August 18, 1902/ September court 1802. Will. Loving and faithful wife Rhoda Taylor. Three children. Executors: wife Rhoda Taylor and brother Thomas Taylor. Teste: Michael Finley, James ?yatte, James Taylor. pg 51

TIGERT, James. March 14, 1809. Will. Wife: Jean Tigert. Three children: John Tigert, William Tigert, Hannah Tigert. Executors: brother John Tigert and wife Jean Tigert. Witnesses: James Hall Sr., John Hammon, James Furgison. pg 179

TILLEY, James. March 15, 1798/August court 1798. Wife Martha Tilley. Sons: John Tilley, James Tilley. Three daughters: Elizabeth Handy, Effe Fields, Jane Parker. Teste: Burwell Jackson, John Cox. pg. 1.

TITLER, Thomas. November court 1810. Inventory. Appraisers: Phines Cox, John Jones, William Stagner. pg 209

TURNER, Hardin. November 30, 1812/January court 1813. Will. Wife: Rachael. Five children: William, Nathan, Milton, Sally and Elizabeth-until they come to lawful age or my daughters marry. Two oldest sons: William and Nathan. Executors: Alexander Graham, Thompson Briggs, Cornelius Turner. Witnesses: Johnson Davis, William Nash, John Loving, Michael Randolph. pg 326

VENABLE, Joseph Sr. May 24, 1810/October court 1810. Will. Wife: Lucy. Larkin Venable, James Venable. All my children. Executors: Willis Mitchell, Sr. and wife Lucy Venable. Witnesses: James Bennet, Sarah Mitchell, John Bennett. pg 218

WHEATLEY, Daniel. June 27, 1810/November court 1810. Will. Wife: Mary. Son: Robert Wheatley. Daughters: Susannah Wheatley, Nancy Wheatley, Elizabeth Marr, Polley Butler. Mentions Sarah Bigley. Executors: Robert Wheatley, James Dade, John Duff. Witnesses: James Dade, John Duff, John Beckham. pg 177.

WHITSITT, Samuel. September 2, 1811/October court 1811. Will. Wife: Elizabeth. Three oldest sons: Stephen, John and Samuel. Three youngest sons: Phillip, Thomas and Dave. Three single daughters. Five married daughters. Witnesses: John Jones, Joseph McHenry(?), Jemina McHenry(?). pg 247.

WHITTEN, Elijah. November court 1812. Inventory dated July 16, 1812. Appraisers: Charity Whitten, Abner Casey, Joseph Gray, John Landis. pg 312.

WILLIAMS, James. April court 1804. Inventory. Appraisors: George Hudspeth, W.W. Williams, Zachariah Morris. Administrator: D. Hudspeth. pg 68

WILLIAMS, John. Breckinridge Co, KY February 26, 1807/August court 1807. Wife: Silvey. Until the youngest child is of age. Witnesses: Matthew Caldwell, Thomas Blank, John Litherland. pg 112.

WREN, Nicholas. January court 1810. Will. Wife: Elizabeth. All my children. Executors: sons John and Isaac. Witnesses: Samuel Whitesides, John Whitesides, David Barbre(?). pg 191

WRIGHT, Winkfield. May court 1810. Inventory. Appraisers: Samuel Kirkman?, George Russell, Daniel Doughty. pg 191.

YOUER?, William. July court 1804. Inventory. Appraisors: Thompson Briggs, James Lindsay, John Elder, James Brown Jr(?). Sale December 1803. Administrator: George Moore. pg 69-71