These wills were abstracted from the microfilm containing Will Book I 1902-1934 found at the Allen County Court Clerk's Office in Scottsville, KY. The wills 1902-1920 are the only ones completed at this time.

written 3/10/1909 - probated 10/11/1909
I, B.W. Alexander ...son A.C. wife (his mother) Louisa H. Alexander....his sisters (later referred to as my daughters) Mrs. J.E. Dossey and Mrs. Ida Myers...
Attest: T.J. Settle, E.G. Walker

pg 181 Sampson ANDERSON
written 6/6/1876 -probated 8/14/1876-rerecorded 10/16/1912
wife Elizabeth Anderson...daughter Jane Waggoner...daughter Arthemia Harris' children to wit: Albert D. & Martha E. & Robert B. and Arthama F. Harris...daughter Adeline Harris...son Sampson P. Anderson...granddaughter Manda two daughters Jane Wagonner and Adaline Harris...
Exec: Robert D. Harris and William L. Waggoner sons-in-law
Wit: W.J. McElroy, James D. Martin, Posey W. Justice

pg 202 Elizabeth AYERS
written 10/21/1909-probated 10/7/1913
sisters Syntha Conner and Zouria Ayers....
Exex: sisters Syntha and Zouria
Wit: W. Bryant Motley, W.H. Landers

pg 9 G.T. BARBER
written 7/5/1902-probated 2/9/1903
I, George T. Barber...wife Mildred A. Barber
Exec: Mildred S. Barber
Wit: J.W. Whitney, J.D. Calvert

pg 130 Joseph W. BEHELER
written 7/6/1871-copied for records 2/15/1908
I, Joseph W. Beheler of Allen Co in Ky...wife Matlida Beheler...
Exex: Matlida Beheler
(W.A. Whitlow and Matilda Meador witnessed on 10/11/1909 that the will of Joseph W.
Beheler to be a true copy)

pg 155 Benjamin Y. BENEDICT
written 1/6/1905 Tracer Creek, Allen Co, KY- probated 7/11/1911
wife Malinda Benedict...two daughters Joe Ann Bracket and Mary V. Dyson....children and grandchildren as follows viz: Joe Ann Bracket..Mary V. Dyson..Carson Benedict son of Bell two gransons Ansel and Rupert Devasher...
Exec: J.D. Calvert
Wit: J.A. Calvert, I.H. Jackson

pg 177 J.L. BOREN
written 7/5/1912- probated 8/21/1912
granddaughter Almer Borren...J.N. Borren/Barker (no relationship given-both spellings given in text of will)
Wit: J.P. Mayhew, S.B. Bunch

pg 30 C. BURTON
written 5/4/1904-probate 4/10/1905
I, C. Burton ...wife Mary Burton...Robert Burton, Fannie Gibson, Blanch Read, Martha Read, James Burton & Ben Burton.....Mary Burton, Lillie Burton, Clara Burton.
Exec: son Leslie & Oris Burton
Wit: J.R. Beam, J.H. Beam

pg 1 Harrison BOUCHER
written 5/6/1896-probated 3/13/1899- rerecorded 12/19/1902
I, H. Boucher...I give and bequeath to my wife Zorilda Boucher....oldest son Euphrates Boucher...youngest son Alfred T. Boucher...daughter Adelia Pruitt...other four children...Mrs. Levania Cole and Lucy A. Boucher and my other two sons Standford Boucher and Lycurgas Boucher.
Exec: Lycurgas Boutcher, W.B. Nichols

pg 15 L. BOUCHER
written 1/4/1902-probated 9/14/1903
I, Lycurgus Boucher...wife Julia A. children (not named)
Exec: Julia A. Boucher

pg 172 Alonzo (Lonnie) T. BROWN
written 2/8/1912- probated 5/27/1912
wife Melissa J. Brown and our three living children, viz: Winfred Joslen, Clarence Henry and Ambrose Everet Brown..
Exex: Melissa J. Brown
Attest: W.C. Brown, L.R. Meador, W.N. Cook

pg 51 T.L. BRUNSON
written 12/11/1905-probate 2/12/1906
I, T.L. Brunson...five beloved children J.H. Brunson, Jesse W. Brunson, Virgil H. Brunson, Chas. N. Brunson, and Susan E. Brunson...oldest son J.H. Brunson.
Admin: Chas. H. Brunson
Wit: G.W. Dillard, S.S. Moore

pg 210 Elvary BURRIS
written Chapl Hill, KY 10/7/1911-probated 8/18/1914
daughter Ellar Carver.....son Henry Burris
Attest: M.J. Ballard, W.C. Graves

pg 105 Malinda CALDWELL
written 2/6/1900-probated 7/17/1909
I, Malinda Caldwell of Trammel, Allen County Kentucky....daughter S.C. GOODRUM and her heirs at her death....
Attest: J.B. Russell, S.J. Davis, A.W. Austin

pg 222 Christenia J. CALVERT
written 12/21/1909-probated 12/21/1915
brother John E. William W. Calvert
Exec: brother W.W. Calvert
Attest: C.J. Calvert, J.C. Witcher, R.M. Taylor

pg 210 John Lewis COLE
written 10/3/1911-probated 9/18/1914
N.M. Hudson (relationship not given)...
Exec: N.M. Hudson
Wit: W.N. Cook, D.R. Riherd, Jos. W. Huntsman

pg 18 C.M. COOK
written 9/2/1899-probate 12/14/1903.
I, C.M. Cook....seventy three years old...Mrs. M.C. Justice wife of W.L Justice and her children (not named)....G.E.T. Justice son of W.L. Justice
Exec: W.L. Justice
Wit: Mitchell Stamps, Eugene Skaggs

pg 10 Mrs. E.P. COOKSEY
written 1/9/1902-probated 2/9/1903
I, E.P. son W.F. Cooksey, J.R. H daughter Nancy Cornwell five children(not named)...son Benjamin F. Cooksey.
Exec: Dr. H.C. Smith, W.F. Cooksey

pg 169 John W. COOKSEY
written 7/18/1902- probated 10/16/1902-rerecorded 4/16/1912
wife Lucinda...our children and their bodily heirs (not named)...youngest son J.F. Cooksey...
wit: W.L. Harris, Enoch Pruitt
Codicil:7/22/1902 (directions for the division of acreage)

pg 61 J. Harrison CORNWELL
written 3/19/1904- probate 11/12/1906
State Of Kentucky, Allen county, this March 19, 1904
I, J. Harrison Cornwell.....wife Lucy Cornwell,,,sister Almarilda McElroy....nephew A.B. Johns(the only son of my sister Patsey Johns deceased)...Geny Reynolds & Emily Davis(daughters of my sister Zeby F. Willoughby deceased)....Julia Ann Cornwell & Drusilla Benet Cornwell (now Pruitt) & a boy Lovel Cornwell the two girl being daughters & the boy being a grandson of my brother Benit Cornwell (deceased)....Shelby Cornwell...
Exec: J.L. Willoughby
Attest: H.C. Smith, R.W. McDonald

written 8/9/1909-probated 9/14/1909
I, Riley Emery Cushenberry....wife Ollie Cushenberry...three children Read, Tom Duncan and Charlie uncle E.H. Read...I desire that he act as guardian for my children.
Exec: E.H. Read
Witt:W.N. Cook, C.P. Guy


pg 109 Joseph N. DALTON
written 7/19/1909- probated 8/9/1909
I, Joseph N. Dalton...wife Hattie T. Dalton....our only child Elbridge Howard Dalton
Exex: wife Hattie T. Dalton
Witt: W.N. Cook, Jas. W. Huntsman

pg 223 W.T. DAVASHER
written Fountain Run, KY 8/6/1915-probated 12/21/1915
son M.D. Davasher and daughter Lizzie T. Tracy my farm in Sumner County Tennessee....wife Mary J. Davasher
Exex: wife Mary J. Davasher
Wit: J.C. Calvert, Lee Stewart

pg 164 Samuel J. DAVIS
written 12/14/1908-probated 2/14/1912
John H. Davis (no relationship given)....other heirs Cynthia Ayers....George M.Davis, James E. Davis & Malinda M. Pearson & William S. Davis....
Exec: James E. Davis
Attest: T.H. Williams, E.G. Skaggs

pg 106 W.I. DEARING
written 11/9/1908-probated6/17/1909
I, W.I. Dearing....wife Patsy A. Dearing.
Exec: wife Patsy A. Dearing
Witt: W.N. Cook, J.R. Reynolds

pg 93 David C. DENTON
written 3/1900-probate 10/12/1908
I, David C. Denton.....wife Cora B. Denton..
Witt; R.R. Harlan, T.W. Conner.

pg 143 Mrs. L.J. DODSON
written 7/20/1905-probated 9/26/1910
Victory Dodson my only daughter,,,my other children (not named)...Buel and Joel and Alonzo...
Exec: C.H. Mayhew, Sr.
Wit:C.H. Mayhwew, W.C. Mayhew

pg 160 Wm. DODSON
written 3/8/1887- probated 8/11/1890-rerecorded 12/4/1911
I, William Dodson...son Thomas W. Dodson...son Charles W. Dodson...wife Penny Dodson...grandson W.L. Dodson...granddaughter John Eller Johnson, late John....
Exec: grandson W.L. Dodson
Wit: J.W. Hinton, E.C. Motley

pg 48 Benjamin DOWNING
written 1/1/1899-probate 12/11/1905
I, Benjamin Downing, Sr, ....wife Lucy A. Downing...children of my dec'd son J.M. Downing...remainder of my children namely; S.T.E. Johnson, Benjamin Downing, Jr., W.E.. Downing, G.W. Downing, J.D. Downing, A.D. Downing and S.C. Downing
Exec: Benjamin Downing Jr,, S.C. Downing
Wit: B.A. Downing, T.C. Dunn, J.H. Celsor
Codicil: Children of my deceased son J.M. Downing; Grandson J.M. Downing...granddaughter L.F. Downing...grandson G.T. Downing
Wit: B.A. Downing, J.H. Celsor, T.C. Dunn

pg 185 Katherine DOWNING
probated 10/25/1912
Belle Phillips, Plff vs Lure Hammond, Deft
Report of Special Commissoners F.R. Goad
Katherine Downing died in Allen County some time prior to the 29th day of October, 1902...daughter Belle Phillips...will probated in the Allen County Court, while A.J. Oliver was County Attorney, prior to the year 1902....original will destroyed by fire Oct 29, 1902....

pg 12 George W. EDDY
written 3/18/1903-probated 5/11/1903
I George W. Eddy....wife Frances....granddaughter Verdie M. Eddy...Talitha G. Johnson(nee Eddy)
Exec: Court of Allen County
Wit: Perry Barnes, J.W. Cole

pg 117 Emily EDMONDS
written 4/12/1909-probated 10/11/1909
I, Emily Edmonds...niece Lena Davidson
Wit: S.J. Read

pg 224 W.A. ERWIN
written 1/28/1915-probated 12/22/1915
wife Bettie Erwin...minor children viz. Arthur Erwin-Bennett Erwin-Carlton Erwin and Buford Erwin...three daughters Hattie Erwin, Velma Erwin and Ruth Erwin....son Alec M. I.H. Ewin...first wife Laura M. Erwin and my sister Valley Erwin...
Exec: I.H. Erwin, Will Tabor, if either refuse then J.W. Meador or J.M. Sears
Wit: Elizabeth Mitchell, R.H. Mitchell

pg 215 T.F. FISHER
written 8/12/1913-probated 3/22/1915
wife (not named)...daughter Dovie Fisher Medlo...her children Zona Meng and Boston Fisher
Exex: Dovie Fisher Medlo

written 7/4/1890-probated 6/13/1904
I, A.L.M. Fitzpatrick ....wife S.S. P. Fitzpatrick and daughter E.A. Fitzpatrick.....balance of my children(not named) except Wm.Cliburn's wife D.V. Cliburn
Wit: B.S. Jones, A.C. House

pg 211 S.F. FORSHEE
written 12/24/1913-probated 9/18/1914
son-in-law J.W. Law...wife Nancy four grandchildren (not named)
exec: J.W. Law
Wit: R.Y. Bandy, Oscar Mann, H.T. Tracy

pg 137 A.W. FOSTER
written 3/24/1910-probated 4/11/1910
wife Ivy Foster
Wit: C.G. Foster, W.H. Miller

pg 43 A.G. GIBBS
written 4/6/1903-probate 9/11/1905
I, A.G. Gibbs.....Dollie May Gibbs..her heirs...her father W.W. Atwood

pg 220 W.C. GOAD, Sr.
probated 8/9/1915
former wife Belle.....Francis/Frank (son)....partner Mr. Oliver...W.C. Goad, Jr. and Goebel...Emma...
Exec: Belle S. Goad and Francis R. Goad
Wit: Fillmore Hughes

pg 140 Parmelia E. GRAVES
written 9/21/1908-probate 7/11/1910
I, Parmelia E. Graves....of the age of sixty four years....Parlee a monument for my husband and my grave
wit: Mina Graves, M.E. Martin
Exec: P.G. Graves, J.G. Martin

pg 52 Samuel GRIFFIN
written 12/13/1900-probate 2/12/1906
I, Samuel Griffin...present wife Nancy E. Griffin... my heirs (not named)
witt: Samuel Huntsman, J.H. Pety, W.D. Burton 7/12/1901

pg 58 Elizabeth GRUBBS
written 3/31 1901-probate 10/9/1906
I, Elizabeth F. Grubbs....husband John W. Grubbs...son W.C. Grubbs...other children not mentioned....
Exec: husband John W. Grubbs
Wit: J.N. Hunt, C.C. Stark

pg 173 L.J. GUY
written 3/18/1905-probated 6/17/1912
daughter Nancy Adline Dearing wife of J.P. Dearing...remainder of my children to wit: Phoeba Malissa Dearing wife of Bill Dearing, William E. Guy my son, N.S. Guy my son, Anna Isabel Briley wife of Tom Briley, and my son Freeley Eugene Guy
Exec: sons N.S. Guy, William E. Guy and Freeley Guy
Wit: R.S. Welch, Tibbis Carpenter


pg 139 J.H. HAGAN
probated 6/13/1910
wife Malissa children (not named) and also Meltie Hagan daughter of L.W. Hagan
Wit: J.H. Harlan, H.P. Gardner

pg 198 William A. HARMON
written 4/15/1913- probated 5/13/1913
wife Lady Harmon...
Exex: Lady Harmon
Wit: W.H. Thomas, J.H. Holland

pg 54 Belle HEWITT
written 4/3/1906 - probate 4/13/1906
I, Bell Hewitt...husband George mother Mrs. J.W. Weaver
Wit: W.E. Meridith, M.D.

pg 203 Fannie HILL
written Scottsville 10/1912-probated 2/14/1914
nephew James S. Hill.
wit: J.B. Dodson, J.E. Pace

pg 167 Mrs. Juliana G. HILL
written 1/14/1911- probated 2/19/1912
J.S.. Hill (no relationship given)
Wit: P.T. Martin, W.D. House

pg 36 Irena J. HINTON
Will and contract with W.E. Dixon
written 8/29/1891-probate 7/10/1905
in the year 1872 Irena J. Hinton late Williams was left without a home and in order to secure a home and to have some one legally bound to support her, a mutual agreement was entered into...W.E. Dixon and L.J. Dixon do bind furnish the said Irena J. Hinton a home at my house....I Irena J. Hinton hereby bequeath to the said Wm. E. dixon...all the property belonging to me at my death...
Wit: N.D. McElroy, L.H. Williams

pg 35 Sarah HINTON
written 2/13/1880-probate 7/10/1905
I, Sarah Hinton...John W. York and wife Elizabeth Malaki Hinton.
Wit: E.C. Motley, John W. Weaver

pg 53 J.J. HOGUE
written 2/7/1906- probate 3/16/1906
I, J.J. Hogue....beloved wife (not named)...four younger children D.W. Hogue, L.M. Houge, Lillie E. Hogue, and my stepson J.M. Dillard.... second wife grave....daughter Lucy M. Hogue..J.T. and W.B. and G.H. and D.W. six first children J.T. Hogue, O.P. Hogue, J.T. Hogue, W.B. Hogue, G.H. Hogue, D.W. Hogue...W.L. three sons W.B. Hogue, G.H. Hogue and D.W. Houge.
Attest: W.L. Centers, O.B. Centers

pg 79 Pleas HOOD
written 7/31/1865-probate 9/23/1865-rerecorded 2/11/1908
I, Pleas Hood of Allen County, Kentucky...sons John J. and Samuel T.P. Hood....their sisters Nancy J., Mary E., & Matilda wife (not named)....William M. Hood & Thomas J. Hood my daughters Nancy Jane..Mary E. and Matilda T.F. and my son Sidney R. Hood.....son James...
Exec: son John J. Hood, friend G.M. Mulligan
Wit: Z.P. Thaxton, S.D. Jackson, G.M. Mulligan
signed Pleasant Hood

pg 209 John B. HOUSE
written 10/14/1911-probated 8/22/1914
wife Hallie T. House...daughters Lillian House and Anna House
Exex: wife Hallie T.. House
wit: John H. Gilliam, W.D. Gilliam

pg 94 Henry HUNTSMAN
written 7/21/1908-probated 11/9/1908
I, Henry Huntsman,.....four boys John L., James W. William H. and Sampie daughters Mary F. Wimpee now dead, Martha e. Burnly, Ulysses Elsie Dalton, Margret J. Duke and Missie Dalton....daughter Cora Huntsman who I have raised...the same as I gave my daughters...
Exec: W.M. Cook
Attest: James M. Huntsman, W.H. Huntsman

pg 68 Samuel JACKSON
Scottsville Ky 3/22/1904-probate 7/12/1907
I Samuel Jackson...wifes John Jackson's grave...son Walter Jackson...son Warner Jackson....daughter Mary E. Nuckols wife Ervin Nuckols....daughter Lucy Jane Whitney wife of Charlie Whitney...daughter Jane William Harston wife of Thomas Harston..Exec: son Walter Jackson
Wit: J.D. Calvert, J.H. Thomas, M.M. York

pg 39 Jane Francis JENT
written 7/22/1904-probate 9/11/1905
I, Jane Francis Jent....late husband Asa Jent..stepson Wiley F. Jent.
Exec: H.T. Tracy
Wit: George Smalling, Dee Siddens

pg 193 B.H. JUSTICE
written 9/14/1896- probated 7/14/1902-rerecorded 2/20/1913
sister Lucinda Justice...Clearinda Wilson wife of Clinton Wilson...T.P. Kelly..Alford Justice my brot...his three children (not named)...Sarah Jane Stringer and Icy Ann Yates wife of Bud Yates and to George Graves; three daughters, my sister Leathy's children...O,M. Stinger
Exex: Lucinda Justice
Wit: P.W. Dodson, A.W. Justice, Joe L. Dodson

pg 82 Callie JUSTICE
written 5/23/1908 Chapel Hill Allen Co, Ky-probate 6/8/1908
I Callie Justice....if my husband returns from the three sister Mary Meador....(children and husband not named)
Wit: M.J. Ballard. A.P. Wheat


pg 196 J.W. KELLEY
written 9/4/1911-probated 4/11/1913
my children (names not given)...the three that are with me (names not given)....Orie & Rosa....

pg 228 Edward L. KELSEY
written 6/9/1914-probated 12/22/1915
Woodford A. Kelsy, C.L. Eddy, Cora B. Ayers, N.A. Kelsey, Maggie Ayers, Kitty Willoughby..Bishop Kelsey, Minnie G. Holland, Willis A. Kelsey, Sula Pruitt, Omer Beller (relationships not given)...wife Eliza Kelsey..five youngest boys to wit: Harlen R. Kelsey, Ernest L. Kelsey, Nolen V. Kelsey, Mack C. Kelsey and Walter Kelsey
Exec: son Harlen R. Kelsey
Wit: G.W. Allen, W.S. Boucher

pg 116 Bryant LANDERS
written 3/27/1903- probated 9/14/1909
I, Bryant Landers...wife Nelie Landers...
Exex: Nelie Landers
Witt: W.A. Moody, John Willoughby, J.K. Motley

pg 187 J.F. LEAK
written 7/11/1912-probated 2/19/1913
daughter Aubrey V. Leak..two daughters Isa A. Anthony wife of G.R. Anthony and Aubry V. Leak
Wit. A.H. Hill, E.L. Martin

pg 216 W.T. LEWIS
written 8/31/1911-probated 1/11/1915
I. W.T. Lewis of Simpson County Kentucky, now temporarily located at Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky....three children living namely, John S. Lewis, W.V. Lewis and a daughter Delia Dodson who is the wife of J.B. Dodson and I have two grand daughters whose mother is dead, namely Vera Russell and Lula Kate Harris...
Guardian for grand daughters...son-in-law J.B. Dodson
Exec: sons John S. Lewis and W.V. Lewis
Wit: B.W. Bradburn, J.M. Basham

pg 141 Elizabeth LOGAN
written 11/9/1909-probated7/11/1910
I, Elizabeth Logan of Chapel Hill-Allen Co.,Ky...children...Elizabeth Ellen Logan, Mandy Samuel Logan and Mary Fletcher Logan
wit: P.G. Graves, A.G. Dinwiddie

written 8/7/1907-probated 3/8/1909
I, S.J. Lovelace...wife Julia children (not named).
Exec: wife Julia Lovelace.
Attest: A.S. Gardner, W.D. Gilliam

pg 28 John MANLEY
written 12/10/1903-probate 1/1905
I, John Manley...wife Mary E. six children (not named)...daughter Mary Ellen Farley..her two children...daughter Minerva Buckhanon...
Wit: Daniel Huntsman, M.B. Dixon

pg 101 E.G. MARTIN
written 9/8/1908-probated 5/10/1909
I, E.G. Martin....two daughters who live with me viz; Virginia Martin and Oma Bailey
(a widow)...daughter Anna Stark...two sons C.B. Martin and W.P. Martin
Exe; sons C.B. Martin, W.P. Martin
Wit: J.W. Spencer, J.M. Basham

pg 221 George W. MAYHEW
written 5/17/1910-probated 12/21/1915
I, Geo. W. Mayhew of the county of Simpson...two children Rufus A. Mayhew and Lemmie B. Ray...oldest daughter Florence E. Davis...three children son Rufus A. Mayhew and my two daughter Florence E. Davis and Lemmie B. Ray...daughter Lemmie B. Ray who is now in the Assylum at Hopkinsville with an unsound mind....her children Curtis Ray, Alline Ray, Verba Ray, Lee Ray...
Exec: son Rufus A. Mayhew
Wit: W.P. Gant, C..G. Jackson

pg 56 Wm.C. MAYHEW
written 9/21/1904 -probate 9/11/1906
I, Wm. C. Mayhew...Mrs. Ada Cline who now lives with me...her husband Wm. Sidney sister Mrs. Josephine Meador and Nancy J. Mayhew and my brother Brother Taylor brothers G.W. Mayhew and J.P. Mayhew
Exec: G.W. Mayhew,J.P. Mayhew
Wit: W.H. Justice, J.W. Mayhew

pg 110 Robert McCLARY
writtten 12/4/1853-probated 11/13/1854-rerecorded 8/25/1909
I, Robrt McClary....daughter Elizabeth who has now intermarried with Phillip Mayberry....negro boy Bur swap to Daner Brown for a negro woman named Caroline & her infant child...daughter Susan DAVIS...negro woman named Mary & one other negro woman named Matilda & her infant & a negro girl 9 or 10 years old named unfortunate daughter Nancy McClary....grandson Robert S. Davis....daughter Emily Duffer....negro woman named Eliza & her infant.....daughter Martha Brown.....proceeds of sale of the negro boy Henry...son Daniel daughter Mary Beheler....negro girl named Winney....son John McClalry....son-in-law John R. Brown....
Exec: son John McClary.
Wit. Lemuel Swearngin, James Hughes, Thomas Boddy

pg 86 John McREYNOLDS
written 5/12/1903-probate 6/8/1908
I, John McReynolds....wife Mary Francis McReynolds...our son daughter Mrs. J.K. Pitcock....our two children...Joseph McReynolds(now dec'd)...his widow and children...
Wit: Robt. S. Welch, A.L. Wagoner
Exec: M.B. Crow
Codicil...3/26/1907 my beloved companion
Wit: John T. Parris, Chas. B. Richards

pg 186 W.H. MENG
written 11/4/1908-probated 2/19/1913
wife Mary C. Meng...Fred Meng my grandson...all my children (names not given)
Attest: E.F. Welch, Paul Welch
Exec: R.H. Meng, M.C. Meng

pg 107 James E. MEREDITH
written 7/18/1909-probated 8/9/1909
I, James E. Meredith...wife Emily S. Meredith...our children Henry , Katie, Ertie(?) and Grady...
Exex: wife Emily S. Meredith
Wit: H.T. Motley, W.N. Cook

pg 165 Jas. S. MEREDITH
written 9/23/1904-probated 2/19/1912
sister Nancy J. Meredith
Exec: sister Nancy J. Meredith
Wit: D.A. Oliver, M.P. Spencer

written Scottsville 11/3/1904-probated 3/8/1904
I, Dr. W.C. Meredith, of the town of Scottsville...wife Cora M. Meredith...brothers and sisters (not named)
Wit. H.E. Dixon, H.L. Griffin

pg 16 Dillingham MIZE
written 7/22/1903-probated 10/12/1903
I, Dillingham Mize....wife Sarah A. Mise..son George W. Mize...daughter Livonia children to wit; Livonia, Robert, George, Sidney, and Edward
Wit: William L. Harris, S.S. Ayers

pg 89 Enoch MOODY
written 6/21/1906-probate 6/8/1908
I, Enoch Moody ...niece Mary A. Mayfield
Wit: W.D. Gilliam, Nancy Hall
Exec: Friends Samuel Sears and T.J. Morehead

pg 144 Lucinda MOORE
written 7/29/1909- probated 9/12/1910
husband Vestis Moore...two nieces Rose Carpenter wife of Thos. Carpenter and Carmelia Hager wife of G.F. Hager both of Nashville..Tenasse niece Mary Neveal...Cornelia Kiger...Annie Crow...Georgia Gatewood...Nelia Hayes...Edith Crow...Minnie Welch...
Exec: husband Vestis Moore.
Codicil: (insturctions for burial site)
Wit: Tom Gibson, Warren B. Nichols

Pg 156 R. MOORE
written 8/31/1908 -probated 8/9/1911
my children.. Lana Ewin's children Alex Ewin, Hattie Ewin, Valmer Ewin, Ruthe Ewin, Arthur Ewin, Allice Hagan, James F. Moore now in Washington Ella Ewin now living in Chattanooga Tenn, Tol Moore & his children Firty, Virginia, Garnet & Tommy Virginia Dotson her children Sally Ann & Ruth Doston Elizabeth Jewell & Joda Tom Moor in Alaska, Sally Faulkner 3 boys Charlee Neal & Hugh Faulkner, Florence Hinton, If S.G. Hinton should fail to pay for the farm.(there is no punctuation betweeen the names of the heirs)
Wit: J.C. Stark, Lon Stark
Codicil: three sons out west J.H. Moore, Tol Moore both now in Washington, Thomas Moore in wife Lucy A. Moore.. I omitted the names of Allice Hogan and Ella Ewin's children not intentionally I them considered with the other grandchildren
Exec: Ned Hogan, John Catlet Stark

pg 212 Vestes MOORE
written 3/27/1912-probated 9/18/1912
Cornelia Hager, wife of George F. Hager of Nashville, Tenn, and Rose Carpenter, wife of Thomas Carpenter, also of Nashville, Tenn....
Exec: George F. Hager and Thomas Carpenter
Wit: A.J. Oliver, W.C. Goad

pg 32 Elizabeth MOTLEY
written 1/23/1903-probate 6/12/1905
I, Bettie Motley..Mansfield Hinton....George Hinton...Marthia Sarah Hinton, Patsy Ann Moody..(relationships not given)....deceased husband (not named)
wit: J.M. Adair, W.H. Landers

pg 3 John A. MOTLEY
written11/11/1887-probated 5/14/1888- rerecorded 1/26/1903
Wit: W.T. Stone, J.T. Rennick
I, John A Motley...son George W. Motley.....son Eugene Motley....four grandchildren Henry E., Porter D., Laura M. Evans and Lohn L.W. Evans, children of my daughter Mary E. Evans....guardianship of grandchildren given to son-in-law John L. Evans ...personal property and effects be divided equal between my three children Geo. W. Motley, Eugene Motley and Mary E. Evans though Mary be dead...
Exec: Geo. W. Motley, Eugene Motley
Wit: W.T. Stovell Marion Co, KY, J.T. Renick.

pg 150 Patsy MOTLEY
written 4/1/1908-probated 4/12/1911
husband Frank M. Motley...Mary, Catherine Greathouse, Patsey E. Greathouse and Sally Ann Hardcastle
Exec: Tood Motley
Wit: Roy Claypool, J.M. Adair

pg 95 Theotus MOTLEY
written 4/1/1908-probate 12/14/1908
I, Theotus Motley....Tiny Johnson wife of Genie Frank M. Motley...sister Puss Nickols...
Exec:Tood Motley
Attest Roy Claypool, J.M. Adair

pg 83 Miss Jane MULLIGAN
written 9/12/1882-probate 6/8/1908
I, Jane Mulligan of Scottsville, Allen County Ky....stock of millinery Saral Lomsa Mulligan to be divided as follows: George Mulligan, Millbank Banbridger County Down Ireland to be divided equally between (the following names are written then a line drawn through each one) Mary Jane Mulligan, Katherine Mulligan, George Mulligan, Elizabeth Mulligan near Belfast, Marriann Campbell, Sarah Coates....The remainder to be divided between..S.L. Mulligan and Mollie Shephard, Lucy N.W. Brown, Harriet Adelaride Kiger, Rory O. Mulligan, Mallasa A. Rutland, Mary F. Rutland, Geo. C. Rutland, W.H. Hammond, T.C. Mulligan...
Attest: W.H. Read, E. C. Brown
Codicil:, my entire intest to Mallisa A. Rutland and at her death to her son, W.T. Rutland...9/28/1898
Attest: Jas. W. Huntsman, Mary E. Ham,
Adm: R.O. Mulligan 5/25/1904


pg 159 J.W. NEWMAN
written 9/22/1905- probated 11/15/1912
J.W. Newman of the town of Scottsville... wife Etta Newman...
Exec: wife Etta
Wit: R.S. Welch, J.C. Wygal

pg 207 Green B NICHOLS
written 1/5/1912-probated 5/2/1914
son Wickliff T. Nichols...daughter Mary Vaughn Nichols...deceased son Warren B. Nichols...Ama Nichols
Attest: J.E. Pace, S.L. Harmon, Alonzo Henderson

pg 190 Pheraby NICHOLS
written 2/5/1901- probated 2/19/1913
son M.C. Nichols....his father T.J. Nichols...son Luther W. Nichols...orphan grandchildren...Mary W. Johnson..James Johnson..Eliza Bell Johnson..Ida Johnson..Eugena Johnson...Mordie Johnson..Hattie Johnson...Willie Johnson...
Exec: sons M.C Nichols and Luther W. Nichols
Attest: Warren B. Nichols, T.J. Goodrum, J.R. Reynolds
Codicil No. 1: 8/13/1909 (directions for headstones for husband T.J. Nichols, Pheraby Nichols and daughters Belle and Judson Nichols)
Wit: Warren B. Nichols, W.T. Nichols

pg 26 Lavina OAKS
written 9/10/1904-probate 19/19/1904
I, Lavina Oaks......daughter Amanda Francis Watkins...daughter Sara Tennessee Duke...three grandchildren Aaron Hooten Tucker, Booker Foster Tucker and Everet Tucker...daughter Mary Jane Holley...son Andrew Johnson Oaks
Witt: Lena Huntsman, W.N. Cook, Jas. W. Huntsman

pg 13 J.E. OGLES
written 7/28/1903-probated 9/14/1903
I, Joseph E. Ogles...wife Margaret D. Ogles...three sons, to wit: L.F. Ogles, R.C.Ogles and W.B. Ogles(all under the age of 17)
Exec: Margaret D. Ogles, L.F. Ogles
Wit: James Travelstead, J.B. Brown, A.H. Lamb

pg 124 Flotila PACE
written 11/13/1907-probated 1/18/1910
my husband Dr. J.E. Pace...our children Murl and Jarride

pg 123 J.L. PERRY
written 7/12/1909-probated 1/18/1910
I, J.G. PERRY....wife Reedie Perry.....three children Edna, Adell, and Harrel Perry...
Exex: Reedie Perry
witt:A.J. Oliver

pg 60 Wm. POTEET
written 2/21/1898-probated 12/10/1906
Chapel Hill Allen Co Ky
I. W.H. Poteet....wife Nancy G. Poteet...
Wit: J.B. Harris, A. C. Washburn

pg 67 Hattie B. PRUITT
written 12/24/1902-probate 7/12/1907
I, Hattie B. Pruitt ...husband L. Pruitt...
Exec: husband L. Pruitt
Wit: R.W. Pruitt, J.T. Brough

pg 151 James Henry PRUITT
written 4/6/1911-probated 5/10/1911
wife Mary G. Pruitt, ....sister Sally (dec'd)...children W.R. Pruitt, L.F. Hodges and my grandson M.G. Pruitt....Shiloh Church
Exec: W.R. Pruitt
Wit: L.M. Weaver, J.I. Harmon, Y.R. Pruitt

pg 180 L.S. PRUITT
written 6/2/1912-probated 9/9/1912
son Overy...other sons Alpha and Lewis J. at the age of 21....wife Julia F. seven children (names not given)...
Exec: son Virgel Pruitt, son-in-law Euclet Harmon
Wit: J.H. Spencer, William L. Harris

pg 45 Obed PRUITT
written 2/12/1903-probate 11/13/1905
I, Obed Pruitt ....daughter Sallie...son J.H. Pruitt...Son John F. Pruitt...son Younger Pruitt...daughter Annie Poe...son Thos. W. Pruitt...son Phillip M. Pruitt...son Jesse A. Pruitt, grandson George D. wife's grave..
Exec: J.H. & Y.R. Pruitt
Witt: J. T. Hole, R.S. Harmon


pg 34 Mrs. Lillie E READ
written 11/23/1898-probate 7/10/1905
I, Lillie E. Read....husband Saml J. Read
Exec: Samuel J. Read
Wit: Walter Bright, Adom Grubb

pg 29 M.E. READ
written 1/22/1884-probate 2/13/1905
Wit. O.S. Bryant, Geo. L. Brown
I, M.E. Read....wife Mary A. Read..
Exec: Mary A. Read

pg 85 Major R. RICKMAN
written July 4, 1907-probate 6/8/1908
wife Mary F. Rickman...
Wit: J.E. pace, Isaac T. Lee

pg 128 Sallie RICKMAN
written 11/1909-probated 2/1/7/1910
I, Sallie to be equally divided between Thomas and Lizie Hinton at 21 years of age (no relationship given)
Exec: S.L. Harmon
Attest: S.L. Harmon

pg 127 John B. RUSSELL
written 1/1/1910-probated 2/17/1910
I, John B. Russell ....five children of Allice Dixon dec'd....wife Birdeller Russell...Bradley our son
Exec: Birdeller Russell
Wit: Doss Austin, C.E. Landers

pg 74 Katherine SATTERFIELD
written 7/21/1903-probate 11/19/1907
I, Mary Katherine Satterfield of Scottsville, Ky....husband John E. Saterfield..
Exec: John E. Saterfield.
Wit: Earl C. Huntsman, R. C. Huntsman

pg 75 C.L. SEARS
written 8/13/1906-probated 1/13/1908
I, C.L. John W. Sears...
Wit. J.W. Hammond, E.G. Walker

pg 138 John W. SEARS
written 12/16/1884-probated 4/11/1910
I give and bequeath unto Jas. M.C. Sears and John F. Henderson as trustee for the support and maintanance of my dear father Samuel Sears and my afflicted brother Chas. L. Sears brother Jas. M.C. Sears and my sisters Margret Jane/wife of John F. Henderson Elizabeth /wife of A.G. Atwood, Lutitia W./wife of W.S. Atwood, and Hattie Sears
wit: J.T. Patton, W.E. Atwood

pg 73 Sarah J. SEARS
written 6/5/1889-court date9/8/1907
I, Sarah J. sons Robert L. Sears, Saml W. Sears & Raleigh Sears.
Wit: John H. Sears, John L. French. Attest T.G. Morehead

pg 197 Elizabeth SHAW
written 10/31/1907- probated 5/12/1913
I, Elizabeth Shaw of Godfrey County of Allen....daughter Margrett Hale and my daughter Jane Jent and my son B.W. Shaw and my son R.W. Shaw and my daughter Sarah E.M. Reagan...
Exec: son B.W. Shaw and G.A. Bohannon
Wit: J.P. Napier, S.S. Roark, G.A. Bohannon

pg 214 John H. SHOCKLEY
written 2/20/1914-probated 3/22/1915
daughter Elizabeth Shockley....all my children (not named)
Exec: friend J.D. Calvert
Wit: G.R. Whitney, J.L. Witt

pg 131 Nathan SKAGGS
written 11/12/1909-probated 3/14/1910
I, Nathan Skaggs....a minister of the gospel of Christ and a farmer being seventy five yrs old....wife Levonia A. Skaggs....her three children to wit: Valanta Moore, Eugene Skaggs & Sirena oldest daughter by my first wife to wit Sarah J. Sledge now wife of G.W. Sledge....D.B. Moore and wife Valenta...
Exex; Levonia A. Skaggs
Wit:T.H. Williams, W.S. Davis, W.D. Pearson
Codicil; 2/21/1910
Mrs. L.A. Skaggs dec'd...appoint executors Eugene Skaggs my son D.B. Moore and Orville Lyles son-in-laws
Wit: T.H. Williams, W.D. Pearson, W.D. Davis

pg 76 W.C. SLATE
written 9/25/1886- probate 9/12/1887
I, William C. Slate....carpenter business with John W. Boyd.....wife Mary J. Slate...daughter Mrs. Bettie son Raymon Slate...daughters who are with me (not named)
Exec: wife Mary J. Slate, A.E. Hooten
Wit: Chas. P. Johnson, J.B. Walker

pg 219 Elizabeth SMITH
written 2/25/1910-probated 8/18/1915
daughters T.J. Smith and Liddie Smith
Wit: J.A. Smith, Sampson Smith, William L. Harris
Codicil: 3/15/1910(additional properties to daughters)

pg 135 Dr. H.C. SMITH
written 8/23/1900-probated 3/14/1910
I, H.C. Smith...wife N.C. Smith...our five children (not named)...our daughter Julia F. Smith being now single..
Exe: sons C.L. & H.F. Smith
Wit: M.Y.H. Holland, J.C. Parker.

pg 23 George W. SPANN
written 6/14/1904-probate 8/8/1904
I George W. Spann....being now 72 years of age...Enola V. Ausbuks....sister Huldy N. Spann....nearest living heirs(not named)
Exec: C.H. Mayhew, John W. Mayhew
Wit: G.W. Calvert, W.H. Justice, Etta Crogan

pg 37 Huldah N. SPANN
written 5/8/1905-probate 8/14/1905
I, Huldah N. Spann... Wm. J. Spann my father Jessee Spann...A.F. Spann my niece...L.E. Hinton my brother A.F. Spann's granddaughter....A.F. heirs W.M. Spann's children John J. Spann's children and A.F. Span and L.P. Spann
Exec; C.H. Mayhew Sr
Wit: Etta Cragan, S.B. Mayhew, B.W. Goodrum, A.J. Mayhew

pg 120 M.L. SPENCER
written 1/15/1906-probated 11/8/1909
my wife Nancy A. son John W. two grandchildren Henry Earl Spencer and Minnie Loise Spencer...sons W.L. Spencer and E.M. Spencer...
Exec: John W. Spencer
Wit. J.E. Pace.

pg 205 W.A. SPURLOCK
written 1/25/1911-probated 5/1/1914
I, W.A. Spurlock of Adolphus, Allen County...wife Eliza Spurlock....Alwyn Spurlock, son of Marvin A. Spurlock and Virgie Spurlock.
Exex: wife Eliza Spurlock
wit: W.D. Gilliam, J.H. Gilliam.

pg 189 Jas. T. STEPHENS
written 4/1/1899-probated 2/19/1913
niece Fannie great nephew W.L. Motley and great niece Patsy A. Motley, children of Ella Motley dec'd...E.P. Motley...
Extrx: Fannie Johnson
Wit: Riley A. Read, Joseph A. Read

pg 163 W.E. STEPHENS
written 10/26/1911- probated 1/9/1912
wife Ella Stephens....two sons Ewell and John William Stephens
Attest: W.R. Cushenberry, N.B. Towe

pg 64 Tabitha STINSON
written 3/16/1900-probate 5/15/1907
I, Tabitha Stinson....son John G. Stinson...departed this life leaving a widow and three children viz. Baily W. Stinson, Louia J. Stinson, and John W. Stinson...
Exec: court appointed
Wit: J.H. Collins, J.N. Flowers

pg 200 Thomas STONE
written 2/8/1912-probated 10/7/1913
wife L.H. Stone...6 children...Ora Carter....J.W. Stone, W.S. Stone, Mary Houchens, Bettie Ashford, Sallie Hogue Lou Petty
Wit: S.L. Oliver, J.H. Lyles

pg 152 Albert STOVALL
written 4/2/1911- probated 5/19/1911
my wife and children namely Drue and Paul Stovall and Dennis wife Ann(?) Stovall...Paul being 5 years, Drue being 7 years
Exec and Guardian: Buck Emory
Wit: Noel F. Harper, Meady House

pg 89 Daniel STOVALL
written 4/8/1880-probate 6/9/1884-rerecorded 10/13/1908
I, Daniel Stovall....wife Lucinda E.. Stovall....the children of her body to wit: Henry L. Stovall & Sally M. other children viz; John L. Stovall, Raleigh Stovall, Wm.H. Stovall, Charley J. Stovall, Joseph F. Stovall dec'd, Damuel S. Stovall dec'd, and Mary E. Stovall now Oliver..
Teste: T.J. Morehead, Jos. Rucker, J.W. Devine.
Exec: wife Lucinda E. Stovall

pg 168 N.E. STOVALL
written 10/8/1911-probated 2/19/1912
youngest daughter (not named) three daughters Hettie Stovall, Nancy Rigsby and Halie Stovall
Wit. S.L. Harmon, W.L. Dodson

pg 70 Israel STRAIT
written 8/15/1905-probate 7/12/1907
I, Israel Strait of the county of Allen State of Kentucky....wife Elizabeth only son John B. three daughters viz; Belle Sledge wife of W.L. Sledge, Donnie Buckhanon wife of L.J. Buckhanon and Lula Pope wife of J.S. Pope
Wit. J.S. Strait, Warren B. Nichols

pg 204 John F. STRAUSBURG
written 5/4/1909-probated 5/1/1914
eight children, four boys and four girls (not named)...wife Melvina Strauburg...son Shephard Strausburg....
Wit: Joseph W. Huntsman, W.D. Gilliam


pg 47 Liza TABOR
written 9/2/1905-probate 11/13/1905
Her children....Sallie Tabor...Josie Tabor, Mamie mother...sister Lizy...Warner Tabor and Tomey Tabor...Ewing Osborne to be the guardian of my children. Signed Eliza Tabor
Wit: C.T. Martin, L.M. Martin, John Smalling

pg 199 G.W. TABOR
written 5/23/1907-probated 8/1/1913
wife Mary R. Tabor..son G.F. Tabor...son Jeff seven children (not named)
Exec: sons Jeff and Fount Tabor
Wit: A.J. Oliver, W.H. Justice

pg 65 James TABOR
written 3/23/1904-probate 5/15/1907
I, James Tabor of the county of Allen and State of Kentucky...
son G.E. Tabor...children of my son Burrel Tabor...son William Tabor....children of my son John Tabor...daughter Manda...daughter children William, Manda, Annie and hettie...
Exec: son William
Wit: L.C.J. Motley, G.W. Motley Jr.

pg 119 Emma THOMAS
written 8/24/1906-probated 11/8/1909
I, Emma K. husband Jesse S. Thomas..Bernice Dearing Thomas my son..
Wit; J.M. Barton, C.O. Williams

pg 50 J.U. TIFFANY
written 7/20/1905 - probate 1/8/1906
I, J.N. Tiffany...wife Mary E Tiffany...
Wit: A.J. Oliver, H.T. Harlow.

pg 62 James TOWE
written 5/5/1903-probate 1/14/1907
I, James Tow of the county of Allen and state of KY....wife Susan divided betwen my legal heirs including my granddaughter Fanny Towe said heirs as follows; Dempsey Towe, Joseph Towe, John W. Towe, Saly Kennedy late Towe, J.L. Towe, N.G. Towe, Elimira Graves late Towe, N.B. Towe and Fanny Towe my granddaughter
Exec: Sons Dempsey Towe and N.B. Towe
wit: A.H. Travelstead, E.G. Allen, G.H. Newman
wife Susan Towe having died since the said will was made and having married again to Gallie Lewis.
Exec: Dempsey Towe, Boney Towe, and Pelly Graves
wit: G.H. Newman, E.G. Allen 12/1/1906

pg 179 Amanda B. TRAVELSTEAD
written 10/9/1906-probated 8/21/1912
husband James Travelstead.
wit: R.W. Stamps, P.G. Hollowman, O.H. Lamb

pg 7 Mrs. Lou P. TYGRET
written 9/8/1899-probated 1/12/1903
Wit: G.B. Wilson, J.D. Gilliam
I, Lou P. Tygret....Fannie K. Tygret and her heirs..sister Jane FMyers...H. W. Myers Jan F. Myers husbadn J.D. Tygret (Dec'd)
Exec: Jane F. Myers

pg 125 Louis T. VANOVER
written 12/7/1891- probated 3/29/1892- rerecorded 2/3/1910
I, Louis T. Vanover...wife Martha C. Vanover.
Exec: Jacob F. Napier
Wit: John C. Johnson, Jacob F. Napier

pg 122 W.D. WADE
written 5/14/1907-probated 12/14/1909
wife Mary Tabitha Wade
Wit: F.A. Smith

written 11/15/1897-probate 10/9/1905
I, James F.. Williams....son John L. Williams who now lives with wife Mary A.D. Williams...daughter Margaret Gardner...Lou Williams, Fannie Bell Williams and Margaret Gardner...
Exec: son John L. Williams
Wit: C.C. Kiger, T.A. Walker
Codicil 8/15/1905
W.B.N. Williams..J.L. Williams...granddaughter Annie Lottie Williams.. Lucinda Dinwiddie...Mandy Patton...Margaret Gardner

pg 72 John H. WALKER
Wit. J.L. Dixon, W.S. Wilson
Admin: Mrs. M.G. Patton
written8/15/1906-court date 8/12/1907
I, John H. twin sisters M.G. Patton and Goodie W. Fugrua.

written 3/20/1889-probate 9/10/1906
I, R.D. Williams...niece Clarissa Jane nephew and nieces
Witt: J.T.T. Jewell, G.M. Page

pg 175 Richard W. WILLIAMS
written 11/8/1910 - probated 9/21/1912
wife Mrs. Critter Williams...
Admin: wife Mrs. Critter Williams
wit: R.B. Justice, T.W. Smith

pg 149 William C. WILLIAMS
written 1/27/1911-probated 2/16/1911
I, William C. Williams of col. ...wife Martha and James F. Williams my son.
Attest: T.H. Williams, Manstow Austin, Joe Umbles, John Ownes, E.S. Willoughby

written 5/25/1914-probated 12/22/1915
wife Tennie Willoughby...son W.M. Willoughby...three children (not named)
Exec: wife Tennie Willoughby and son W.M. Willoughby
Wit: A.L. Read, N.F. Harper

pg 213 Lucy WILLOUGHBY
written 10/19/1909-probated 9/19/1914
nephew Shelby Cornwell....niece Rozella Haynes..Dellie Cornwell...Cecal Cornwell...sisters Ella Spencer and Mary Eddie..former husband Harrison Cornwell
Exec: Ed Saterfield or Andrew Pearson.
Wit: N.F. Harper, W.L. Dalton

pg 25 Reuben WILLOUGHBY
written 12/31/1903-probate 8/12/1904
I Reuben daughter Luller daughters S.T. Willoughby, Lueler Willoughby both now living. Mary E. Hariss, Josey F. Cooksey , Drucilla S. Williams these three dead but living children I desire ther children to receive their two sons R.M. Willoughby and A.J. Willoughby my executors with bond.
Wit: Curg Mize, Robert Johnson, M.Y.H. Holland

pg 217 A.T. WILSON
written 1/25/1910-probated 3/8/1915
wife Clearacy M. Wilson...daughters Eliza Holland, Rebecka Jackson and Luelar Thomas...
Exec: brother J.M. Wilson and J.A. Lovell
Wit: John W. Lovell, James A. Lovell

pg 147 M.V. WILSON
written 4/30 1902-probated 10/10/1910
wife Martha J. six children to wit; J.J. Wilson, G.M. Wilson, Isa A. Hickman, B.C. Wilson, R.N. Wilson, and Minnie F. Wilson
Exec: sons J.J. Wilson & G.M. Wilson
Wit: C. Mac Jackson, S.M. Willoughby
Codicial; names wife Martha J. Wilson exectrix
Wit: C. Mac Jackson, S.M. Willoughby

pg 176 W.S. WILSON
written 7/15/1912- probated 8/28/1912
wife Sallie Wilson...daughter Jewell
Aminx: Wife Sallie Wilson
Wit: H.P. Gardner, H.M. Meredith

written 11/19/1902-probate 8/8/1904
I, Nancy Witherspoon....Miss Alline Petty the girl whom I have mostly raised and who is now and has been living with and kindly caring for me for a number of years...
Wit: Warren B. Nichols, S.L. Harman

pg 57 Benjamin WRIGHT
written 5/24/1904-probate 10/9/1906
I, Benjamin F. two children and their families...Cecil Landers...Nina Wright...Valma Wright...Nancy Angell Wright(the youngest child now living of Limby Wright) two children Millie Landers and P.H. wife Isabella Wright...her own children...
Exec: I.H. Landers, P.H. Wright
Wit: Jos. M. Wright, S.P. Wright

pg 218 Joseph M. WRIGHT
written 8/25/1911-probated 4/12/1915
eldest daughter Martha S. Thomas nee Wright...youngest daughter Lassie Jent nee Wright and her husband John L. Jent...wife Henrietta E. Wright...
Exec: John L. Jent and his wife Mrs. Lassie Jent
Wit: W.M. DeBerry, J.D. Duckett