Haines/Berry/Hogue/Centers Photo
First row sitting: 2 from left might be Dottie Centers; 6 from left (tall girl with hair pulled back) might be Alma Lois Centers,  10 from left (little boy with is his mouth open) might be Ruel Centers. and woman might be Maud Haines Centers
2nd row back: on end behind woman, looks to be Truman Centers.
3rd row back seated: first woman is Emma Haines Centers.  I have the bearded man labeled at T.J. Stipes.
4th row back, standing; 6th Younger Hogue. 11th (tiny woman with large collar on dress), Jimmy Atwood Centers, James Otis Centers, William Fletcher Centers.

submitted by: Sharon Tabor FmlyTracer@aol.com
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